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Birthday Cake, Labor Pains, & Blogger Love

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We are just a few days away from February, which means my girls are having a birthday soon...! Peanut's going to be ONE and Bug's going to be THREE....I mean, I can't even. The fun side of them growing up is that I'm getting to put together a little girl birthday party - Tinkerbell themed, at Bug's adamant request! I need to pop downtown this weekend to leave a deposit for the cake, because I simply do not have the talent or the time to concoct something Tinkerbell-y enough that will make Bug's face light up - and really, isn't that the whole point of a birthday celebration? :) So tomorrow I will be checking out an area downtown that I haven't explored yet, probably tasting a few bakery goodies when I stop by to talk cakes, sitting down in a coffeeshop with a genuine latte and a book, and enjoying some room to breathe

In case you missed it, this week I shared Peanut's birth story (in honor of her impending birthday!): 

  1. The first half / the build-up  
  2. The second half / the big finish  

Man, labor is a pain. True story. 

There were quite a few great posts that I read this week - here are just a couple that I loved: 

  • Journaling Exposed on 34 Magnolia Street. YES!! I am a "feeler" just like Lauren. Sometimes it does seem like thoughts get stuck in your head and then hold this power over you so all you can do is rethink them over, and over, and simply getting them out on paper releases you from their hold. "I forgot the freedom {journaling} brings me emotionally and the opportunity it gives me to process life." Every time I journal after a break from it, I realize just how much of a burden I've been carrying around and how great it feels to dump it all on paper and walk away. 
  • How Putting Down Your Smartphone Can Save a Child's Self Esteem, on Lil Mamas. In this day and age of handheld technology and easy access to all of the distractions of the internet, this is tough to manage: "Whether we are working or just taking a few minutes to relax, researchers are noticing a strong correlation between a parent’s technology use with impaired parenting techniques and even changes in a child’s self-esteem." Basically, all that time parents spend on a smartphone instead of engaging with their children is having a detrimental effect on how a child feels about themselves - ignoring your child in favor of scrolling through emails or social media on your phone makes them feel unimportant, not valued in family relationships, and generally left out. That is so not what I want my kids growing up feeling. I'm making an effort to put the phone down more and instituting 'no phone zones' as the blog suggests. 
  • DIY Envelope Liners, on Paper & Stitch. These are specifically for Valentine's Day, but I plan on trying these out on ANY kind of occasion - they're pretty, easy, fast, and simple. My kind of DIY!! 

 What posts did you love this week? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 

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