The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Pregnancy with Toddlers is No Joke...

PregnancyRebecca O'LoughlinComment

Guys, pregnancy the third time around is serious business. I mean, the first two weren't exactly walks in the park but let's just add in chasing around 2 extremely active yet needy toddlers all day - plus a not-yet-trained-but-nearly-fully-grown puppy - and the fact that I'm 5 years older than I was with my first....eek. I suppose it's not all that surprising that this one really has me whipped! 

My 3 year old craves constant interaction as all she wants to do is play pretend - whether it's a restaurant where she's the cook and waitress and I'm the customer; or else it's house and she's the mommy, I'm the baby, and Peanut is inevitably the dog (poor kid). Peanut flies back and forth between wholly independent and playing off on her own, and teetering back towards me and wanting to sit on my lap or play right next to myself and Bug. The only problem with those glorious periods of independence are her refusal to listen to me when I tell her not to do / touch / climb something and her 150% mischievous nature, which requires me to vigilantly watch her even when she's happy playing on her own. I turn my back for a second and she decides to try and jump out of a moving wagon when we're going for a walk, or she tries to climb from their playchairs onto the table and stand's always something! 

Take a few weeks ago, for example - during my 'calm' hour and a half of Tuesday mornings when Bug is at school, the dog somehow gets himself untethered from the cable his collar was securely attached to and I don't realize it until I pass a window about 15 minutes after putting him on the front porch and realize I can see the hook but not the furball...I panic and run out into the front yard to try and call him back from wherever he's gone, looking all over the circle that we're on and on either side of the house, then run back inside to find my shoes and figure out what to do with Peanut when I see him out the back window, sprawled in the neighbor's yard, chewing on a giant piece of aluminum foil (which I don't know where it came from or why he's chewing it as it seems dangerous!!). Ten minutes of me trying to coax him back into the house follow, all of which seems to be the most fun game ever to this dog as he proceeds to run towards me and then scoot just out of reach each time and lay down, waiting for me to come closer. Even the lure of treats didn't help! I finally put his bowl of lunch on the back step and stood back and grabbed him the second he went close to sniff it. I get him inside to discover that all of his ID tags are now missing from his collar - they're nowhere to be found so unless he went farther in his travels before returning home, it's highly likely that he's eaten them at this point. And then once Jack is safe inside the house and the back door is shut and locked I realize that Peanut is not in the playroom or the living room, where I left her. She's dropped or tossed her cup which is leaking a huge puddle of milk onto the hardwood floors of the kitchen, the front door is unlocked from me looking for the dog but she's too short to reach the handle, she's not answering me when I'm calling for her....until I see the baby gate at the foot of our crazy stairs hanging ajar. Yup, there she is - climbed to the very top of the bilevel stairway and is laughing at the fun of doing something she's not supposed to, but thank GOD is just sitting at the top step swinging her legs in glee. When we finally settle down to play upstairs, I take quite literally TWO MINUTES to put some of Bug's clean clothes in her drawer and when I step back into the hallway, I hear water. Never a good sign. Quick investigation shows that she's pretty much attempting to swim in the toilet - splashing the water up and out of the bowl, soaking the bathroom and herself. I mean....she gets major points for how quickly she's learned to go straight for the things she knows she's not supposed to get into, in case Mom comes running to stop her! 

I have to admit, despite the craziness and harried situations that frequently occur, there are plenty of adorable moments too - like when they both try to squeeze onto my rapidly-shrinking lap space to read a book, they both attempt prenatal yoga beside me (ha!), or Bug hugs my tummy and says goodnight to her baby sister in utero. Those moments (usually) make up for the insane ones! 

It's been a while since I've been in this space - what's new with you?! :)