The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Jet Lag is For Real.

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

OH. MY. GOSH. If you've ever wondered, the answer is yes - jet lag can be bad! Not if you're a mom to a baby - I must just be so used to being tired from lack of sleep the last six months that another few days of no sleep had minimal impact - but M had some bad jet lag the first part of the week and MAN have the girls had it! We've struggled to get them to sleep most nights, they've woken up a few times each night, and they are up ridiculously early. Quite the winning combo, really. 

The good news is, we made it to London (hurrah!) and it's absolutely brilliant being here! Every day has been crammed with visits with friends that we haven't seen in the past year, which has been so lovely and then so sad all at once because it feels like we haven't even left - yet we're leaving again in a few days. At least we have the time here right now. We've been completely blessed in that our friends who are currently traveling themselves generously offered to let us use their house as our base whilst we're here. It is such a luxury; not only are we staying somewhere that we've spent time in before, but having space for running around and playing and eating is just not something you get if you spend a week in a hotel with small children. Plus they thought of absolutely everything we might need and set it out for us! #spoiled 

I've loved all my time with friends - it's been brilliant seeing all of these people whom we love so much and miss since we moved away. In some ways it is as if we never left - just walking right back into our relationships, albeit with a second child. 

There has been so much going on this week - I got a new tattoo! I am driving on the left side of the road again (and loving it)! Nobody is sleeping! - and it will take many blog posts to share all of the happenings of this trip so I won't try in any detail right now (although you ought to check out what I did to my hair - what do you think??). I will just say that I've wanted to focus on this space several times this week but when kiddos don't sleep, there's just no time for me to do that. (Naptime / bedtime is usually my jam) When I finally get the girls in bed at 10:30 - I'm about ready to collapse myself...and staying up til nearly midnight like I am now to push through and get this published) is a tough pill to swallow when the morning starts with little balls of energy in literally just a few hours. !! 

I'll be sharing pics on Insta throughout our travels and hopefully the girls will get back on (sleep) track shortly and I'll be able to spend some time giving proper updates about London and our time in Ireland! Until then, do a sleep dance for my girls if you think of it. (I'm imagining a bit like a raindance, but with your eyes closed...)