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I'm Back!....(?)

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Heeeeeeey! Wow, it has been a while. I can't believe that it's the end of the month already - if you're reading this post, thank you for waiting patiently for my return! I'm going to be honest - I'm a little unsure of how to dive into this after being away for so long, and unsure again of whether I can actually write cohesively... I seriously did not pick up pen or pencil more than to jot down a list or two the last four weeks. Jet lag, teething, viruses all combined to make for a very sleepless little baby. Enough so that I am genuinely SHOCKED that she fell asleep tonight at 730pm - and is still sleeping soundly now at 9! She barely napped all month, unless she was in a moving car or in our arms, and I had a tough time getting her to bed at night for 10pm - and even then she was up constantly, crying out in pain thanks to cutting her two tiny bottom teeth. :/ Poor kiddo. Add in generally spotty wifi and I had the recipe for a forced hiatus! 

If I'm being truly honest, over the last month I thought a lot about possibly shutting down the blog altogether. I have such little time in the days and the same again at night, and I'm so tired that when I do get a chance to start typing I struggle to remember what I even wanted to say in the first place. I've been stressing myself out with (totally unnecessary) self-pressure to post and before our holiday I had not been seeing the joy in it anymore. My daytime 'job' is so full-on that I don't really fancy a nighttime 'job' too. Granted, I don't get paid for blogging, but the time and effort that go into it, as many of you know, makes it more like work than most other hobbies! I miss evening joys like reading new books and old poetry, listening to music, and luxuriating in a hot bubble bath. That said, writing is and always will be one of my biggest outlets - and something I enjoy doing when I am inspired and feeling the flow. So I won't be closing up shop...but I will be changing things up around here, so watch this space! 

Back to the holidays - or rather, back FROM the holidays! We just returned on Saturday evening so we're all still feeling a little hint of jet lag, but I always find it is much easier coming back this way than going East. And while we were away all month, the carpets in our sitting and dining rooms were ripped up and hardwood floors laid down, and they. look. GORGEOUS. It was so much fun to walk into the house and not know what to expect. They did a wonderful job, setting these thin black walnut inlays between each room and around the line of the fireplace. And who knew that you could fall in love with heat registers!? They made new covers to match the floors completely. Amazing. I cannot wait now until those rooms are painted - the sitting room is being started tomorrow, hooray! (I know - Rome wasn't built in a day, patience patience. Still. I'd love to have one room that we use as a family to be fully done!) And after a month away we've of course got a few housekeeping / catching up 'To Do' items that I must focus on first (sorting out 'school' for Bug, unstopping our post, getting our kitchen sink fixed, sourcing a baby gate for the stairs - Peanut is trying desperately to crawl, agh!! - and many other things). 

In the meantime, I have about a million photos to download and many, many wonderful memories from our month back in Europe to try and capture somehow. It was such a fantastic holiday! I'm so grateful that we were able to enjoy an extended length of time away, so that we could fit in as many visits with friends and family in London and in Ireland as possible! It's hard being this far away from people who were such a big part of our lives for so long...we are truly a global family now. Let's hope that we can do a trip like this one again soon! 

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