The Adventures of Bug and Boo

What's in My Bag? {Vlog}

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

It's that time again....time to vlog!! It wasn't looking likely that I'd get a moment to myself to film this, but our wonderful hosts said 'include the kiddos!' so we gave it a whirl. ;) Bug is my lovely co-host of this vlog, and so in this one I think you get a pretty good glimpse of our whacky days - including the toy tornado that has been emptied onto my floor, oops. Ah well - that's real life for you! Enjoy the ride.....

I just realized that my WALLET was missing from my bag...ha! Because I often go out with just the diaper bag when I'm doing shopping / library / etc trips with the girls, I tend to keep my wallet in there now and just swap it to my personal bag when I do (on VERY rare occasions...) go out alone. So never fear - I do indeed have a wallet, a driver's license, a debit card and my keys when I leave the house! ;) 

What's in your bag? Do you keep anything sentimental or unusual in it? Tell me in the comments!!