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Kimono Cool for the Summer

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Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! We ended up having great weather for the most part, which meant 3 nights of fireworks (that my kids managed to sleep through!).

I'm so excited to be back co-hosting The Creative Closet with Jana again - this week is about kimonos. I love how kimonos are having their moment in fashion. They are so breezy and relaxed and comfortable; all favorite adjectives of mine when it comes to clothing!

How cute is Jana - and how cool is her outfit?! 

Kimonos strike me as flirty and fun, so I decided to put a simple yet flirty outfit together that would be great for a summer date night, on the off chance that M and I manage to squeeze one in. ;) This works for the hot temps we're having at the moment. Since this kimono cardigan is sheer, it doesn't add unnecessary bulk or cause me to overheat. Plus the beautiful print polishes off the otherwise plain outfit!

I feel like this could be worn for so many different things - walks to the ice cream shop, drive-in movies, dinner at a sidewalk cafe, brunch or shopping...pretty much anything! 

I do love our backyard but all those luscious trees providing so much privacy have one tiny drawback...insects! I was being eaten alive by all the mozzies - we took these photos in five minutes flat and I still ended up being covered in bites! 

Kimono: Eyeshadow Juniors
Tank & Shorts: Old Navy 
Bracelet & Earrings: Rocksbox 
Sandals: JustFab 
Nails: Essie Where's My Chauffeur

It's absolutely crazy that we're into July are the prompts for the rest of the month. Come back next week for one that you know I'm going to love: "Mint" to Be! :) 

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