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Grateful for Visits from Friends

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Guys, I am so, SO excited - not only is M back after 8 days in New Zealand, but in two days, our friends from London will be here for a visit! Our first visitors since we moved overseas, our first visitors in our new is a wholly momentous occasion. We've had the countdown on for a little while, and Bug tells me daily that they're going to be here, and sleep in TT's room (her cousin who stayed in the guest room twice) and what toys she's going to share with their little boy. ;) (I'd like to say all of them, but jury is still out on that ha). 

These friends are a wonderful couple that we met through a prenatal course we took, back when I was pregnant with Bug. So their little boy is one of her earliest friends! It will be wonderful to see them playing and interacting again, after nearly a year apart. Hopefully our past Skype sessions will have made it easier for them to warm up to each other.

I've been working on what we will do and see whilst they are here for a few days. Would you believe that this will be the first time that we as a family explore our new/old city together too?! Crazy. (We seriously need to get out more.) There's quite a lot we could try to squeeze in, provided naps work out between the 3 of them, but I'm aiming for fun and relaxing, so I probably need to pare back my 'possible exploring' list a bit. I have a tendency to try and cram too much in - just ask my parents about their first trip to visit me in London...! I think they're still recovering from all the walking I made them do. 

I am so grateful for real and true friends across the world - friends who are building in a special visit to come see us on their big trip. We're not exactly in the easiest location to get to, so it means the world that they're working around that to come and see us. Now let's just all pray for clear skies and sunshine...! :) 

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