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FRI-YAY! & Other (Blog) Loves of the Week

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Wahoo, it's Friday!! After a brilliant day on Wednesday, yesterday continued with an impromptu visit to Nana's house and time at the lake, where I continued to realize that Bug is absolutely fearless about water and I promptly had to chase her out of the deep end where she'd walked / waded until she could no longer reach! I love her lack of fear, though. That was the point of starting swim 'lessons' at 6 months in London - to teach her how to not panic if she ever found herself in water too deep for herself and learn how to swim up to the surface, get herself over to the edge or shout for help. Clearly they worked! 



We are so near the weekend, I can almost taste it. I love Fridays for so many reasons - one of the being Meagan's Blogger Love linkup at All the Joys. Sharing posts that I've enjoyed during the week is a real pleasure - and finding ones through other's sharing is a joy as well. Here are a few things I loved this week: 

  • That Burden is Light | by Nina at Wear Flowers in Your Hair. Amen! This was just what I needed to read this week. All of the stress and pressures and frustrations that I am struggling through are yokes that I'VE picked up and carried myself. "But the wonderful, marvelous thing is the truth: I can lay down every burden not from him and shake off all the extra yokes I seem to have put on myself."  
  • The People in My Village | by Emily at Ember Grey. What a lovely tribute to true friendship. We all have those friends - the ones who are like our blood, who would do absolutely anything for us (and vice versa). "We may not see each other as often as we'd like and we may not even talk to each other as much as we truly should because LIFE. But I do know this - no matter what life may look like, when one of us is in need (whether we say it to be or not) we make it work to get there, to share the love we carry for each other." 
  • A New Season of Blogging | by Jana at Life Could Be a Dream. Jana is one of the masterminds of The Creative Closet & I adore her corner of the blog world. She's just had her 2nd baby and is coming to terms - and becoming content! - with the changes that it is making to her life. This resonated with me in so many ways! "Today though, I decided for the sake of my sanity and actually enjoying my life and my blogging, I have to let my season change....The biggest thing I need to learn/do/accept in this season is that I have to be content with whatever I can accomplish." YES! 
  • Journaling into the Pain and Doubt | by Amanda at Amanda Lunday. This blog is a new find - and I can't recall how I happened upon it this week, but I love this post about why we need to feel the pain when we write. I wholeheartedly agree - working through my doubts and struggles via writing is a beautifully cleansing experience. "Hemingway said: write hard and clear about what hurts. And that is true. We often shy away from what makes us squirm, when really we need to dive into it...To know ourselves (and thereby know others) we have to be comfortable with times of pain, questions, doubt, and hurt." 
  • Vicarious Travel | London | by Catherine (photos courtesy of her husband Jordan) at A Short Blonde.  Jordan shared some pretty amazing photos of his recent trip to London - some of them are my favorite views as well. The countdown is on until I'm there myself!! 

What did you enjoy this week? :) 

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