The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Grateful for Moments of Joy

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

SO. I am sitting in a little local café, enjoying a hot vanilla soy latte (and a peanut butter cookie, shhh!), and I am ALL. BY. MYSELF. I don't say that with such emphasis because it's great to be alone, because I love time with my family and friends. But rather, it is such a rare feeling to be without the littles...! Whenever I take them out, we do have fun and I enjoy it, but I also have to almost split my mind in two - one side trying like heck to pay intense attention to whomever I am with, and attempt to hold an intelligent and interesting dialogue with them. But the other side is trying to keep an eye on Bug, keep her in her seat, keep her feet off the table, prevent her from throwing straws / napkins / toys on the floor or spilling her water all over herself, and keeping Peanut happy and quiet too. Those are two completely dichotomous intentions and without a doubt one always misses the mark. So to be here, solely focused on one thing, is absolutely incredible! 

It is these moments that really bring me joy. The unexpected pleasure of an hour out of the house on my own; the warm fuzzies of seeing Bug get on like a house on fire with her young friend from across the pond; the surprise of a bouquet of flowers from M for no really is the little things in life. And every time I'm weighed under by the big things in life and I forget about anything but the overwhelming tasks at hand, a little moment like this will crop up and remind me: I love my life. I love my family. I love this little town we live in! And I love our friends. 

Having our friends from London here for the weekend was another absolute joy. We had such fun with them, getting out and exploring during the day and staying up chatting over tea at night. It was one of the best weekends we've had since we moved here. You know the feeling yourself - spending time with people with whom you are 100% yourself, relaxed, happy, and just enjoy their company. There's nothing quite like it! Plus we finally went and did things - as in out and about, downtown and in other towns - as a family! We realized after the brilliant time we had showing M J & E around, that we really ought to be doing these things even when we don't have friends in town. Bug had a blast doing something out of the ordinary, we got to see a part of our city that we've never explored, had delicious food at a darling little vegan restaurant, and then spent another day of gorgeous weather splashing around at a water park. :) 

Plus - nearly the entire weekend, I was unplugged. I forgot my phone entirely on Friday when they arrived and we went out to dinner, and it didn't even hit me until late that night. And I felt so FREE! I had it with me on Saturday just in case we got separated at the children's 'museum' of toys, but I didn't spend much time checking it, looking at emails, reading Twitter like I usually do...I just detached altogether. I left it in the car for the entire day we were at the waterpark - a shame only because I did not capture photos of those moments of glee where the kids were riding mini water slides with the parents or floating down the lazy river on inner tubes, but absolutely necessary for a data detox. I remembered how nice it is to be without a tether - those long ago days before smartphones, before Blackberry, even before mobile phones. I genuinely needed that weekend and everything about it. I'm so ready for our trip to London now, to catch up with our other good friends there! 

A few other random moments of joy today? I'm down below my pre pregnancy weight!! I try very hard not to measure myself by the scale, but there is something truly pleasurable about knowing that I've finally lost all of the weight I gained being pregnant with Peanut. Another one? I just signed up for my first 5k - something on my 101 in 1001 - and M is going to run it with me! (Full disclosure - I'm totally freaking out about running this, but I'm hoping that I will actually train a little in the next few months, and as M reminded me, I'm under no obligation to race. I can jog or walk if I want to.) 

I am filled with joy today - and I hope you are too!!

Ember Grey