The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Tales of a Former Bookworm

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

I love books. Books were my friends growing up. (#nerd!) I have books that I cannot get rid of, even though I know I'll never read them again and they are quite possibly obsolete. I've got a kindle but I still prefer the paper in my hands. Like I said - I love books. And I feel like I might be instilling that love in Bug already - she's chosen the library over jumping in a bouncy house before! I just hope she doesn't end up with the injuries and trauma from books and reading that I did...

Trying to get in some reading time when Bug was about Peanut's age now...

Trying to get in some reading time when Bug was about Peanut's age now...

I was forever walking around my house with a book in my hand, not seeing where I was going, regularly cutting corners too short and then walking face first into the wall. (Yes, regularly). My book du jour was always stationed beneath my chair at the dining table because I'd be reading it on my way to dinner, trying to finish whatever page of the chapter I was reading before my parents told me again to put it down! Then back in my hands it would go after the meal. I needed a new library card after a couple of years because I went EVERY. WEEK. all summer long and swiped my card so regularly that it wore out. I plowed through every YA novel collection in my town's public library (The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, Sleepover Friends, Nancy Drew, The Nancy Drew Files, everything by Judy Blume and Lurlene McDaniel and Madeleine L'Engel...) - and would get ridiculously frustrated if anyone inadvertently borrowed the next one I needed, making it impossible for me to continue in chronological order. 

I broke my glasses reading. My mom still laughs that this is even possible, but it did happen. Our parents dropped the 3 of us kids off at my grandparents' house for a week over the summer - my parents were taking a rare vacation on their own. We hugged, said our goodbyes, and I got cozy and curled up in the easy chair in my grandparents' living room with my book under nose - later someone called my name and I turned my head to see, not realizing the arm of my glasses was threaded through the afghan hanging over the back of the chair, and - SNAP! Within an hour of my parents leaving, I'd broken my only pair of glasses right off my face. Enter the awesome week of duct tape on an already awkward-looking set of specs...! 

I think the most insane thing I've ever done reading though is burn a hole in my mattress... If you couldn't tell from the previous stories, my addiction to books was real. I have this inability to set a book down once I've started it - I'm compelled to finish it, no matter if it takes me until 4am to do so. (Possibly why I haven't picked up a good book in a long time!) So naturally, all those years where I had a specified 'lights out' time, I would hole up under the covers with my clip-on lamp and read until I'd flipped to the last page of my book - or, on rare occasions, get too tired to continue reading. Well fast forward to a random Saturday morning where I woke up, having apparently fallen asleep mid-read the night before, to find that I hadn't turned off my lamp and the plastic part (the piece that usually clipped it onto the headboard) had melted into a puddle on my sheets because the metal hood had overheated...! I'm seriously lucky it didn't melt onto me - and lucky I didn't start a fire, yikes - but all I could see then was the ruined lamp, the gaping hole burned into my sheets, and the big black circle burnt onto the top of my mattress. My parents were going to KILL me! I think that might have been the first time I stripped my own bed and flipped my mattress. I didn't think it through well enough though because I still put the sheets in the wash....maybe I thought the hole wouldn't be obvious if they were clean?? I got a thorough dressing down when my mom pulled those out of the dryer to fold them (rightfully so)! 

Has anything funny or random ever happened to you whilst reading? And seeing as this is my first summer without a stack of books to get through, like ever, what books should I be adding to my list? :)