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Happiness Stamped: #12MofBliss

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Don't you just love getting mail? I mean, who doesn't love getting something real in the post - not a bill, not a flyer or a magazine, but real words written out to you by someone who knows you personally? Letters, postcards, a funny card, or even a little box with something tiny in it that someone thought you would like...and it's just as great to send something as it is to receive it, because you can imagine the smile on that person's face when they open their mailbox and see something unexpected inside. 

My sis makes some pretty cute stationery, eh? :) 

My sis makes some pretty cute stationery, eh? :) 

Emily's Twelve Months of Bliss is a yearlong challenge, aimed at "encourag(ing) self-reflection and loving yourself better, as well as random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness towards others." The first month was all about sending handwritten cards and letters to people in our lives. I loved this one! I am a big snail mail proponent - I love to send notes and cards letting friends and family know that I'm thinking about them. In fact M just brought up today a whole slew of cards that I wrote to him when we were in our early days of dating. He found them in a box in the basement when he was digging around for something else. :) I actually have a little difficulty *not* purchasing cards that I think other people would enjoy...I've got a little stash in my desk that I add to just as quickly as I deplete. 

In all honesty, I found it slightly more difficult than expected, but only because there has been quite a lot going on in our life here at the moment - simply setting aside the time to sit down and get the cards/letters ready was challenging. But each time I started putting pen to paper I thought about the person I wanted to send a 'lift' to and the words flowed easily. I enjoy sending supportive words and thoughts - and virtual hugs! - to the people I care about. And I'm sure I've said it on here before, I find it much easier to get my feelings out when I'm writing, rather than talking (one of the first confessions I made to M!). It also took me out of my own drama for the moment and allowed me to think solely of someone else, and what was happening in their world. 

I did jot down some words I wrote in notes this month, and reading them back to myself I got a bit of a jolt. I used so many encouraging and upbeat words - specifically aiming to bring a smile and a feeling of love to the recipient, all whilst being honest about how they touch me or inspire me - and yet I so rarely think words along those lines for myself. If anything, I think words that knock me down when I'm already in a place where I could use some lifting up. Perhaps I should write a generic note of encouragement - to myself - to tuck away for a day when I really need it! Or perhaps I just need to consciously work on how I carry on my internal monologues. 

Of course, hearing that my note touched the recipient and lifted their spirits or improved their day did make me have a better day too. In fact, I think everyone would have a much better day if we all contributed one random act of kindness for another person each day. Imagine the trickle effect that would have!

The pneumatic mail tubes running through the numerous floors of the Empire State Building

The pneumatic mail tubes running through the numerous floors of the Empire State Building

I can't wait to see what the next month's challenge will bring! Are you a writer of snail mail? Do you like to get little notes in the post? 

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