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Fringe (Bag) Benefits - Full On Festival Gear!

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Festivals seem so glamorous to me - Glasto, Coachella, Woodstock - the outfits more so than the camping, stomping through mud, and standing out in the pouring rain. (Clearly my age is showing.) Sadly I never made it to Glastonbury in my six years in England - a regret indeed. But I did make it to a festival one summer in Hyde Park. I think it may have been the first year that M and I were dating, and I was delighted that I found a guy who loved music as much as I did. I expected him to laugh at me when I asked if he wanted to go the day Jay-Z was headlining with Lily Allen but he was totally down. We had a BLAST! 

That's why I pulled out this top for today's outfit - the memories are of an insanely sunny, music-filled day out in Hyde Park, listening to some pretty awesome music, laughing my head off with my new boyfriend (who would one day become my husband!). It hollers festival at me - and so does this fringed bag. The only item of apparel I own with fringe, it was de facto the central piece of the outfit. ;) I added my 'festival' top, some gold and enamel bangles, and these nude wedges. Had I actually been going to a fest I would have gone with a short denim skirt but in the attempt to keep the outfit something I could genuinely wear about town I chose these straight leg chinos that I often wear cuffed. 

The beauty of this outfit is its is so relaxed and comfortable and yet comes off totally 'put together' - that combo is worth its weight in gold! The embellishment on the top means I don't have to wear a necklace with it, so could focus on earrings & bracelets instead. I got to pull out the bracelet from this month's Rocksbox for some fun! 

"Giovanni" fringe clutch (old) & "Padme" wedges: JustFab
Trousers: Old Navy "Pixie" Chinos
Top: Hi-Line / Madewell (old)
White bracelet: Rocksbox (use code RebeccaBFF36 to try it free for a month!) 
Blue bangle & earrings: so old I can't remember where I bought them! 
Sunnies: Coach (old)
Watch: Hermés (old; won in a raffle!)
Lippy: Estée Lauder Pure Color in Sugar Honey 

Do you have anything fringed in your closet? Is it 'festival' worthy? ;) 

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