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Dairy Free for the First Time & Other Happenings

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I cannot believe that it is JUNE....! There's been an awful lot going on here in the last few weeks. Peanut is not really sleeping great as she's very congested at night, so I am up a few more times than normal to 'aspirate' the snot out of her nose with one of those bulb sucky things. Bug's stomach problems have flared up again, worse this time, which is so disheartening after a period of relative calm. We've had to eliminate her dairy intake altogether and she's not adapting so well. It's stressing us all out. 

In happier news, we had the lovely photographer Rachel over to do a set of family photos now that we're a foursome, and I am so excited to see how they turned out! The girls were great - Bug loves a camera and loves showing people her house so it was fun watching her pose and run over to the next spot. Peanut kept spitting up all over her dress but I think the layers of tulle will hide it for the photos. ;) 

Current happenings in Bug & Boo land: 

Reading: all sorts of magazines - I miss reading books but they require time to really sit down and immerse myself in a story and that's hard to do these days. Mags are much easier! And apparently when I bought my last 3 pairs of shoes they gave me free subscriptions to Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, and In Style for a year! (I did check that it wouldn't auto renew on my credit card, so seems like a win/win)  

Listening to: Hillsong & Bethel Music, on YouTube. LOVE. Uplifting music, worship music, music I can have on in the background and not worry about the lyrics being heard by my kiddos. Plus - the voices the singers have! Must listen: 

Making: homemade bread! My first attempt at baking Irish soda bread was Thursday morning. Bug helped me knead the dough; she had a blast! I've made pumpkin zucchini before, and banana a few times, but never a non-sweet loaf. After watching Fed Up over the weekend I realized just how much sugar is added to every stinking thing I buy in the grocery store here....makes me seriously miss the UK. So I'm vowing to make a lot of things myself that I would typically buy - like bread, tortillas, crackers, etc. That way I can keep on top of how much sugar we take in. The good news is the bread is DELICIOUS!! I will definitely be making it again. 

Wanting: sleep. And Peanut to sleep in her crib during the day. She wakes up as soon as I set her down in there...if M is working late or away I don't really get a break until 9pm when both girls are finally down for the night. I honestly don't know what happened - she was only waking once a night from around 7 weeks old, yet it's gone rapidly downhill after three months old - pretty much in the opposite direction of where it should be going. Anyone else ever experience that?? 

Cooking: thanks to pulling out my meal planner, I'm back to cooking real meals! Last week we had chickpea patties, and baked chicken with brown rice and broccoli. I need to find a morning where I can use the food processor without little fingers near the counter because I'm dying to make a batch of chicken and apple meatballs that I haven't made in ages.

Planningto call the place where I got my last tattoo in London. I really want the next one to match and Emiliano, the artist, did such an amazing job. Since I'll be there in a few months, I want to take advantage and book in a visit. 

Frustrated: at having to completely eliminate dairy from Bug's diet for the next few weeks. She is such a milk addict (like her mama) and it feels like torture to refuse her favorite foods when she asks. :( And she does NOT like her (ridiculously expensive) milk substitute that she's supposed to drink two times a day...not that I blame her. It's entirely synthetic and tastes a bit like really bad, chemically-made diet shake powder. Cajoling a two year old does not work...nor does threatening, or using logic. I've tried everything - adding things she likes to it, freezing it into popsicles, bribing her with cookies - all to no avail. She just looks sad and walks away dejected when we hand it to her upon her many requests for milk. I'm at a loss. 

Excited: for our trip to England and Ireland in a few months! I cannot wait. It will be crazy being away for a month, and God knows what I need to pack for FOUR of us for a monthlong trip, but it will be so wonderful to have time with family and friends, most of whom we haven't seen in almost a year. We finally got Peanut's passport photos done and should have her book back in a few weeks. 

Feeling: proud of my little Peanut - she's rolled over twice now this week! She's still not doing it every time she tries but she keeps trying and trying, and we all cheer her on as she goes :)

Wearing: I would have said sandals as it's summer in upstate NY and that usually means it's warm out...except this week has gone high 40's/low 50s and I now have the heat on so really, what I'm wearing is a sweater. :/ I hope I get to wear my sandals more than the 3 times I've put them on so far...

Needing: a pedicure for aforementioned sandal wearing. Or maybe I just want someone to rub my feet for half an hour... 


Avoiding: sorting through the piles and piles of 'explanations of benefits' paperwork that the insurance company sends us when they receive a medical claim. I seem to get new bills every week for when I gave birth to Peanut back in February, always with new and different charges on just seems dodgy. I know I was spoilt with national healthcare in the UK but this cannot be how insurance companies and medical providers handle this process! 

Hoping: that the three of us girls can manage fine on our own while M is away...Since his work trip was overseas this time, he has to be gone longer than usual. Bug misses him so much when he's away. She talks about him several times a day, asks if we can see him, says how much she loves him, asks to take a plane too so she can see her's so ridiculously sweet and makes me miss him that much more myself. (Add in Bug's dietary restrictions and Peanut's lack of sleep and you'll understand just how much I miss his parenting teamwork!!) 

Wishing: my hair would grow out faster! I hate the in-between phase of growing out a pixie cut. It takes ages before it's long enough to alter the shape and I'm sick of wearing barrettes and looking at these strangely long but uneven layers that desperately need trimming! 

Thanking: my parents for keeping us girls sane the last two days, and helping me come up with ways to try and coax Bug to drink some of the 'formula' - she loves them so much and it's been great to see smiles on her face when she'd only been looking dejected about being hungry and wanting her milk. The company was really appreciated (and the homecooked food!). 

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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