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10 Awesome Things in May

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! (Aka the 5th of May, for anyone living under a rock or unacquainted with the American excuse to drink tequila and eat tacos...)  I love patterns, palindromes, symmetry in words and numbers - these things just make me happy. So 5/5/15 makes me smile a little bit bigger this morning. (And yes, 5/5/5 was cooler but that ship has sailed people, let's just work with what we've got ok?) Today I'm joining my friend Anne in dishing out all of the awesomeness of this month! Anne is a sweet blogger who creates without a doubt the best "how to" posts about absolutely everything - I think I learn ten new things every time I read one! Add in her amazing taste and her love for all things Target, stationery, and mason jars, and you can see just how easy it is to be her friend. :) 

Here are my top 10 awesome things about May: 

  • Mothers' Day! OK so this is US Mothers' Day - Europe's was in March - but I kind of enjoy celebrating it when it's nicer out. It's a great reminder of how wonderful motherhood is - and ever since I had my own children, I am even more aware of just how much hard work it was for MY mom to raise the three of us, and so close in age too. (I don't know how she did it!) So taking a day to thank our mothers for everything they've done for us over the years is definitely awesome. 
  • Getting fit. This month I am being intentional about scaling back the sweets, returning to eating more balanced meals, and beginning an exercise routine! This is day 2 of me doing some planks...I haven't pushed past 15 seconds each yet, these poor ab muscles are in pretty sad shape after carrying a 2nd 8 lb. baby, but at least I'm starting! 
  • Spring has arrived! We have FINALLY said goodbye to winter! Last week we were still having coolish temps but this week it's hiked way up to 80 - it was so warm yesterday I didn't know what to wear! I can just hear myself complaining about the heat now once July hits, so I apologise in advance. It's going to take me a summer to readjust to the heat of New York, I'm sure...but at least that means there will be NO. MORE. SNOW!!!!! 
  • Outdoor play dates - parks, playgrounds, the zoo! Sandboxes and pools. Riding bicycles and chalking up the driveway. These are the things kids (& moms) live for! 
  • Smooth sailing ahead: Peanut will be 12 weeks on Thursday...aka that magical age whereby everything becomes easier with infants. ;) That's what the books, the experts, the docs say and we definitely cling to that promise in the early weeks. In reality there is no 'switch' that clicks at the 3 month marker but it is around this time that sleeping tends to stretch out more, tummy problems like reflux and colic tend to improve, and they become that bit more interactive and able to entertain themselves, playing with the toys on their mats, etc. 
  • Meeting the neighbors. We have met so many of the people who live on our street now that everyone is outdoors on the weekends, and most everyone is lovely. The kids are well behaved and have manners, a lot of the parents are incredibly friendly and warm, and it is awesome to know there are people here who *want* to know us and welcome us into the neighborhood.
  • Getting organized again. I am back on the menu planning train! I made a brilliant menu planner board last year, after seeing one my friend made back in England, and it was such a huge help in being organized around dinners for the household. Well, it didn't travel well and ended up breaking in the journey across the ocean, so it's been in a box in the guest room since we moved. I am going to REdo it myself (RIY? RDIY...?) and hang it back up! I'll share that project once it's done. But in the meantime, I'm using the recipe/shopping cards again and it is making life so much simpler!
  • Cinco de Mayo. (Duh) Hey, I love Mexican food. An 'official' excuse for it? OK by me!! Pass the guacamole, please! 
  • Family photos - we are having another set taken now that Peanut has joined us!
  • A BIG anniversary! My grandparents will be married for 60 years this month - SIXTY. If that's not incredible and a huge inspiration, I don't know what is! And we are celebrating with a giant family party, I cannot wait!

That's a whole lot of great things to look forward to this month...what are you going to be enjoying in May?? :)