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Overcoming Insecurity: A Guest Post for Mrs G

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

My sweet friend Faith over at Life with Mrs G & the Artist has been running a fantastic and thoughtful series for the last few months, called Overcoming Our Insecurities. Every post has touched on a different topic that is a personal struggle for that specific blogger. Today I guested for her on the topic of Body Image insecurity - something that I've struggled to overcome for a long time, with varying degrees of success. I was glad to participate, even though it was quite difficult to write about something so private and a source of such anxiety for me for so long. I just hope that if you pop over there and read it, you find something useful in what I wrote - even if it is simply the knowledge that there are always others out there facing similar struggles to yourself, or who may be hiding those same feelings of insecurity about their own issues.