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Fab Florals

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I haven't joined The Creative Closet in a while, mostly because I was all busy having a baby and trying to juggle the mythical creature that is "Two under 2"...let's be honest, I still AM trying to juggle the 2 and keep some semblance of normality around here. And while before it would take me one day of free time to write a post and it now takes anywhere from three to ten days (I jest...sort of), I am still going to plug away in the hopes that it improves with some creative planning on my part. And so, I'm joining Jana and Amanda for this week's "Fab Florals" a few days late - but I'm here! :) 

As luck would have it, the temperature dropped back into the 30s over the weekend so these are indoor photos - again! I'm really hopeful that Spring will have sprung by next week...we seriously need fresh air. 

I bought this dress a few years ago and wore it the day after my wedding, at the big family & friends gathering at my in-laws' home. It is ridiculously comfortable thanks to the jersey cotton material. Because of the cold, for this I am in navy tights instead of bare-legged or sheer stockings, and ankle boots instead of sandals. Perhaps this could also be titled "how to wear a spring dress in quasi-winter" ha! I love the blues and greys in the pattern, and because of the white flecks the cream cardigan doesn't look out of place. I wore some of the jewelry in my newest Rocksbox - I'm loving the aqua earrings from Margaret Elizabeth, same creator as that gorgeous cocktail ring I tried a few months ago, and the Gorjana twist cuff!

Peanut was dressed in a darling floral print too and woke during the photos so she popped in for a quick hello! 

Dress: cannot read the label, sheesh! 
Cardigan:  Old Navy (similar)
Booties: JustFab (similar)
Earrings & Bracelet: Rocksbox (use code REBECCABFF36 for a free month!) 

Are you a fan of florals? How do you wear them in the Spring? :) 

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