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Easter Gratitude

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Hello, everyone! Loooong time no see... it's been tough going, trying to find time to myself these last few weeks. Peanut is now 7 weeks old and I'll be honest, I definitely thought I'd have a schedule down by now of writing and posting but things just haven't worked out that way. Two littles are double the work of one! (I know, why am I surprised, right?) 

At the moment both girls have colds and are a bit miserable, so this isn't a long one, but I really wanted to drop in for one of my favorite linkups - Grateful Hearts with Ember Grey! Emily has brightened up so many weeks by convincing us to share what we are grateful for on the first day of the week - which before was notoriously the most 'blah' day of the week. I'm a day late but the intention was there so here is what I'm thankful for this week: 

  • Getting to spend Easter weekend with my family - the first one in years!
  • Time spent with my grandparents. I only saw them a couple times in the years I was abroad so there's a lot of missed time to make up for.
  • Enjoying Easter firsts: Bug's first Easter egg hunt, her first basket with gifts from Nana and Papa, and explaining the holiday to her for the first time 
  • M returned from Ireland late Saturday night, after a week away! It's funny how you really appreciate what someone does for you, for making things work in the household/family, when they're not around for a little while. 
  • A family member's health is finally improving - thank God! 
  • We had two days of Spring-like weather last the 60s! (Then some snow, but that's upstate NY for you.) 
  • While M was away, my parents were here regularly, making sure we were coping ok on our own, bringing meals, taking the girls so I could shower - we 3 survived because of them! 
  • A friend that lives nearby dropped over dinner one night since she knew we were on our own. So sweet!! 
  • The first dozen eggs from the co-op we joined at a sweet little local homestead farm. They are so fresh! Any amazing recipes for dishes with eggs you wish to share? :) 
  • I finally finished the thank you notes yesterday for all of the lovely gifts we received for Peanut's birth 
  • Our sump pumps are working to keep the basement from flooding in the wake of all those feet of snow melting into the ground...! 
  • I have a slew of post ideas and writing prompts in my head! (Now I just need to find the time to flesh them out, but baby pun intended.) 
cousins goofing around on nana's stairs :) 

cousins goofing around on nana's stairs :) 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Shame there is no day off for Easter Monday here, but c'est la vie. It was still a great few days with family, and a wonderful celebration of the expression of God's love for us all!

And there's the thing I'm most grateful for this week: His love! 

How did you celebrate Easter, or spend the weekend? 

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey