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First Blogiversary & A Date Night!

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Oh my goodness - it's my first blogiversary today!! I started this little space exactly one year ago today - I drafted the introductory post well before this date but it was on 29th April that I hit 'publish'. I didn't even share it out to the world at that point, except to my husband of course. Isn't it amazing to see what changes in a year!? (Had I been more on top of things I'd have an amazing giveaway to enter in celebration but I'll have to do one 'just because' a little later instead. )

Well, it is nearly the end of the month, and we're only just starting to flirt with Spring temps up say I'm chomping at the bit to get outdoors, go for walks, play at the parks, and generally do ANYthing to let Bug run off some energy each day would be the definition of an understatement. Thankfully the forecast this week is pretty decent - we even got outside in the sunshine this morning to chalk up the driveway and play Bug's new favorite game: sit on her 'bike', set her feet up by the steering wheel, and roll down the driveway picking up speed along the way! Definitely her father's daughter. ;) 

Last week M was in New Orleans for most of it. Sadly he didn't get to explore any of it - work trips rarely allow for sightseeing! - but he did get to experience some of the food, and the warm weather. I told him that although it seemed great this time of year, come the summer he would find the humidity unbearable, especially in a suit! He was home for the tail end of the week and that meant we were still able to have our first date night in months! I wasn't sure how Peanut would do since we went out for dinner, and in typical infant fashion, those hours from around 430 to 830 are her 'witching' hours - aka cluster feeding, general crankiness, and wanting to be held by mama. I knew my parents were experts at this though - they did have 3 of us in relative quick succession - so we decided to just go for it. M finished up his work day, we both threw on some decent clothes (I did some makeup, miracle of miracles!) and we rushed out the door to the Irish pub/inn around the corner on the river. It's a pretty relaxed place with a great view of the water, and amazing food, and of course it is super close so we could always rush home if there was a meltdown by either child! 

We had so much fun! Ignoring the mishap with the car (ahem), we had a great time - we had a couple of hours of talking only to each other, listening in depth about each other's days and what's on our minds, some pretty delicious food, and even had time for dessert. If you know me, any day ending with a chocolate lava cake is the epitome of success. ;) Peanut got a little upset by the end of the evening and needed mama but we had already asked for the check at that point so it didn't cut into our time at all. If it hadn't been so cold I totally would have taken more photos outside by the water, but we had our winter coats on last week - can you believe that?!

Braving the ridiculous cold so the dress could be seen #fortheblog !! 

Braving the ridiculous cold so the dress could be seen #fortheblog !! 

It's always nice to remember just why you love the other person so much, and what brought you two together in the first place. I think once there are kids in the mix, it's easy to put them first and not set aside the time for just the two of you that is so, so important to a marriage. I am definitely hoping that we can find the time to do that more often now - and lesson learned, we will aim for a midday date next time, and go see some of the sights downtown! It's still a new city for M and I haven't explored it since my teens...lots of things to see for both of us! 

I'm several days late joining up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday, but I am so, so grateful for the date night that we enjoyed last week! Grateful to my parents too for volunteering to watch the kiddos, which meant I could actually relax. I didn't worry about them at all! Now I need to just continue to make time for myself and M, and put the effort into continuing to grow our relationship, as well as the family relationship we're cultivating. 

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