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Coffee Date

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

It's been so long since I've posted in detail that there's far too much to say in one post. How would you like to meet me for coffee instead?? 

If we were having coffee....I'd be freakishly excited to be out of the house, and probably taking FOREVER to read the menu, because it's been so long since I've sat and had a coffee house beverage! 

If we were having coffee...I'd have gotten dressed up in clothes that haven't been spit up on, or spilled on, and I'd probably be wearing jewelry and even - gasp! - a watch. 

If we were having coffee...I would be a little nervous to have left Peanut at home for the first time, and doubtlessly glancing in what I think is a surreptitious manner at said watch every few minutes, and checking my phone for messages. This wouldn't be because I don't love your company, I'd just be anxious to know that everything was going fine at home. 

If we were having coffee...I'd be asking you to dish about what's going on in your life first, because I like to feel useful and I'm a pretty good listener. 

If we were having coffee...I'd say that I'm excited that M and I are possibly having our first post-baby-number-two date night on Friday, and that even though we will probably stay local and not go too far or too fancy, I still plan on getting all dolled up because I rarely have the excuse to! 

If we were having coffee...I'd tell you about what is going on with our house. That my dad has been tearing down wallpaper and priming the walls of Bug's room, and I've finally picked out the shade of pink that it will be painted. That the furniture we ordered for her room back in January STILL has not come in - and that Peanut has nearly outgrown the bassinet we're borrowing from my sister-in-law and brother, so I'm seriously hoping it arrives soon. That I set up an office 'nook' in a corner of the guest room, but that I never get upstairs to use it, so M took my desk downstairs and set it up in the empty dining room instead. I'd show you pictures and ask your opinion on colors for that room, because I find it so hard to visualize what I want the end product to look like. You'd probably hear the laundry list of all the things I'd like to do to my house, inside and out, and then tell me that I have plenty of time to get through it all. 

If we were having coffee...I'd tell you how we're trying to figure out our holiday plans for the year. That we're working on getting Peanut's passports sorted, so we can book our trip home to Ireland to meet the family there, and how I can't wait! That we are thinking about a trip to Orlando in the fall, but I don't know if Bug is too little to find Disney fun. (I would definitely tell you MY Disney story at this point, and you would laugh your rear end off and commiserate with me about family vacations gone awry.) 

If we were having coffee...I'd say that I am desperate to get my waistline back and that even though I'm in better shape than I was at this point the first time around, it's going to be warm here soon and I'd really love to be able to fit into all the cute clothes I already own instead of having to buy a whole new spring wardrobe in a size up...then I'd ask if you had any tips for being motivated, or if you are a parent, any tips for fitting in some form of cardio with 2 littles. 

If we were having coffee...I'd ask you if you ever struggle over whether or not to write about certain topics or situations. I'd look for your advice on a topic / memory that's been weighing on my mind for a while now. 

If we were having coffee...I'd tell you that I'm worried I will never get my act together enough to have a schedule for writing and reading again. Then I'd say I feel guilty about that, because Peanut only wakes once a night (twice the last two weeks as she has a cold), and shouldn't I be able to manage better considering? Bug woke three times a night until nearly 8 months old! 

If we were having coffee...I'd confess that terrible twos are for real, and that they are wrecking my head when they flare up in a bad way. I'd tell you how I wonder if it's still jealousy because as much as Bug loves her sister, she has these little moments of swatting at her like she's taken her toy or something (the only other time I've seen the swatting), and I have anxiety that I am not devoting enough 1:1 time with her and that this will damage our relationship in the future even subconsciously. 

If we were having coffee...I'd tell you that I realized it's been 2 years since I worked in the corporate world now and despite the fact that I LOVE being home with my littles, I still get a little jealous when I hear about former colleagues being asked to take on bigger and better jobs and that I really, really still miss certain aspects of my career. I'd tell you that I wonder if I will feel like that as long as I am doing the SAHM thing, and when I think about that, I then wonder what I'll decide to do when the kids are finally both in school. I don't know if I want to do HR or ops management again. I'd moan that because I do know that uni here is ridiculously expensive I'll probably want to go back to work in some capacity simply to give the littles every opportunity I can help with for a great education. 

If we were having coffee...I'd be pulling myself up now and saying that despite all the whingeing, I am feeling awesome in life at the moment, and that I am so grateful for everything that wasn't said - Peanut taking a bottle so I *can* leave the house at some point; my mom offering to watch the girls so that M and I can have date nights; my dad doing wonderful things in Bug's room so that it is completely ready when her furniture does arrive; for the family vacations my parents took us kids on when we were younger that gave us funny memories; for the Spring weather approaching; for Peanut's great sleeping patterns; for caring so much for the girls that I worry about how our relationships will be when they're teenagers and in their 30s and beyond; for the opportunity to BE a SAHM and have this time with my babies (even when they are wrecking my head!). I'd say that I'm grateful for friends like you who listen to me, offer advice, check in with me when I'm off the grid and send little emails or texts just to let me know that you're there. 

If we were having coffee...I'd be yawning frequently by now, because I haven't had this much adult conversation in one go without interruption in I don't know how long, and despite the caffeine injection, I still am having semi interrupted sleep from one child and super early starts from the other (thank you very much, time change!) I'd also have probably reached the time limit I set on myself to get back and check on things in case Peanut didn't take the bottle, so I'd be hugging you tight and thanking you from the bottom of my soul for getting me out of the house and catching up, before running out the door and heading home. 

What would you be telling me, if we were meeting over coffee today? What's new in your world? 

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