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Name This Baby!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Help!! This kid is due in just a couple weeks and we *still* don't have agreement on what names we both like....

What will we call this kiddo?? 

What will we call this kiddo?? 

I thought this one would be simple, since we managed to come up with a short list of names for either a boy or a girl the first time round - and even though we used two of the girl names for Bug, we still had a couple left (and all the boy names!). BUT somehow, we don't agree on those anymore! 

If you've never thought about the implications of naming a child, give it a second now....this is a moniker that someone will have for life. It is what every person will know them as. It's what will drive any nicknames (good or bad) and what you as a parent would be hollering at them when they do something they probably shouldn''s a big deal! Ignoring the fact that some parents choose to name their children something highly unusual, trying to be different maybe, such as Cheese, or Blip (YES, actual baby names of 2013!) we tend to go for fairly traditional names. If it has Irish roots, even better!  

Today I'm linking up with my friend Anne at Love the Here and Now to share Wednesday Wishes - and my wish is that we can come up with a great name for this bump soon! So what names can you suggest?? We need to get some new fodder so we can create a list of possibilities! Seriously - share some names in the comments with me, please! :) 

Love the Here and Now