The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Showers of Gratitude

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Oh my friends, I am so, so grateful. There is nearly too much to even write about, such is my full heart today. Over the weekend my mom threw me a surprise shower - it was so sweet and beautiful and I feel so much love surrounding this little babe already!

Today I am grateful for: 

Family. Friends.
Showers of generosity and love.
Cakes with lemon filling, my mom's chili, and the best corn muffins I've had in ages. 
Healthy babies born to sweet, sweet friends - congrats Nicola & Sami!! :) 
Honest neighbors. 
Small but significant improvements in Bug's tummy problems. 
The advice and camaraderie of a wonderful and knowledgeable #tribe of blogger friends. 
A quiet hour to sit and read a book. 
The deer darting away from my car rather than into the road when we drove home last night.
Pinterest ideas for indoor toddler activities - our saving grace on these cold winter days! 

How was your weekend? Have you buckets of snow like we have here? 

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey