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Thank goodness it's Friday! I didn't even have a particularly bad week, I'm just happy that the weekend is nearly here. And that I FINALLY seem to be only 2 steps away from getting registered with a doctor here! The saga of repatriation continues, folks. The GP here won't register me as a patient without my medical records. Well, doctors only hold records for 10 years apparently, so my family doctor growing up has no records for me besides my name, and it's been completely useless attempting to get my GP in England to send the records over here to the new GP...! I finally tracked down some medical records from when I lived in NYC and after waiting for numerous calls to be returned, it looks like in a week or so I'll at least be able to get files for me for 2005-2008. Better than nothing, right? (She says hopefully...) 

Despite the week of chasing down old records (and banging my head up against the wall), I am finally back on schedule with my reading and writing, and so I'm delighted to be joining up with Meagan at All the Joys again for this week's instalment of Blogger Love! These are a couple of the posts that I really enjoyed this week: 

1)  The Long Way (A Grateful Heart) - Emily at Ember Grey takes a drive on her first morning in her new city, and chooses the long way. These are her beautiful musings along the way. "The sun rose higher and I drove on, secretly wishing the drive could last a bit longer. It was then that I reached the very top of the hill and as the road flattened out, the sun and the fog met and it was like I could feel the quietness. I could not get over the beauty - it was like it covered me completely." 

2) Give - Amy at Set Free has such a lovely heart. I love reading her blog because she always finds the perfect Bible verses that not only go with her post topics but also, they speak to my heart. This post is about her word for 2015 and what it means to her, and it just resonated with me, especially relating to my marriage and family. "That is my goal for this year.  To be more of a giver.  Not to be taken advantage of, but to be a blessing.  A help and encouragement.  To give with no expectation of getting anything in return."

3) a cup full of coffee & a heart full of dreams - I only just came across Jamie's blog, Ink + Adventure, this week, courtesy of a linkup I joined. This is one of those things I love about blogging, and the reach of the vast communities! I loved this post - yes, we've all read a number of goals for 2015 posts but I love Jamie's thinking behind focusing on her attitude rather than ticking a few boxes. (And we all know I'm a sucker for expat blogs, despite my own repatriation!) "is there a difference between a goal and a dream? do semantics really matter here? the point is, I'm setting intentions."  

4) 15 Ways to Be Happy in 2015! - Kristen at Treats & Travels shares some great suggestions for keeping yourself happy and content for the year! "7 // Reconnect with an old friend. Life takes everyone in different directions and it can be easy to lose touch with old friends. So reach out to someone who used to be close and see how they are doing in life. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!" 

Check out the link below for some fresh reads yourself - and I wish you all a VERY happy weekend! :)  

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