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Style Icons & a Bit of Awesomeness

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Hey everyone! So I've missed a few weeks of The Creative Closet, thanks to all of the excitement / travel / mayhem of our move and trip and unpacking. But I'm back! This week's prompt is 'My Style Icon" I never really think about who I consider to be my style icon. I lean heavily to the comfort/casual side of the continuum most of the time, although I love an excuse to dress it up, throw on trendy gear, or give myself a little edge. London was great for that! Anytime I met my girls was an excuse for any of those types of outfits and getting me out of my jeans and tees slump. Pregnancy, of course, means that I have less clothing options to work with, and thus my style is even less varied when I'm expecting...but I do still try. 

Photos from pre pregnancy - my more typical style shots

Photos from pre pregnancy - my more typical style shots

There's that belly.... ;)

There's that belly.... ;)

Whilst I don't look to a specific person to emulate their style, I had a think about my typical style and considered possible icons, and although I'd love to say Michelle Williams or Rachel Bilson (whose styles I definitely adore but veer a bit further to the hipster / bohemian side than I do), I landed on Reese Witherspoon. And I'm totally ok with that! Not only is she a cutie but she seems pretty down-to-earth and sweet, and I think that's reflected in her style. She tends towards easy casual that is simple yet polished - well fitting jeans with pointy flats and a cashmere sweater, a sweet sundress with simple sandals and a bag, a button down shirt with structured shorts and flats. She can completely glam it up for awards ceremonies and events, but she doesn't veer too far off the mark of who she clearly knows she is, and the style she's comfortable portraying - nothing too outrageous in terms of patterns or styles, no OTT jewelry or makeup, just pretty, simple, and classic. (She also had amazing pregnancy style, still sticking to her classic look.) Similarly, I may try a current trend occasionally, but I tend more towards those simple lines and go-to pieces. 

Who would you consider your style icon? Do you find you try to mimic certain looks or outfits from anyone? 

Besides joining up with the lovely Jana and Maegen again, I'm also linking up with Anne for Love the Here and Now's AWESOME linkup! Anne is such a sweet blogger and I'm so happy to have gotten to know her in the last few months. She started this Awesome Linkup as a way for us to celebrate a little bit of awesome in our lives each month. :) This is what's top of my list today: 

  1. Owning our own place!!! 
  2. Netflix & Amazon Prime. Totally new to the bandwagon but hooray for leaving cable and the ease of binge watching your favorite shows! I mean, you don't even have to press 'next' to watch the next episode. LOL. (Now if only Downton Abbey were to be found on either one...) 
  3. Bug kissing my belly and yelling "Hello baby!" to it. 
  4. Getting to create a writing / office nook in the new house! (More to come...) 
  5. Finding sweet notes tucked into hiding spots around the house, that M left before he went away for the week. 
  6. New toys! Yes I am a child at heart - but I'm so excited to start typing away on my new typewriter!! 
  7. Supportive family members at every turn, checking on me when M is away and helping me with Bug. 
  8. Loads of storage space. When you move from a very small, semi-detached home on the outskirts of London to a very American-sized home in upstate New York, you find that every item you own fits into about half the house. Leaving tons of space in the cupboards, closets, and basement to stuff all the miscellaneous things into! Putting away the Christmas decorations just became that much easier. 
  9. Personalised address labels. I just love them. I write so many notes and cards that I love not having to write out my address, and I love that I can pick whatever style I want for them. (It's the little things, people!)
  10. Finding the time to write - and read! - again. One day last week, I sat and read a book my sister gave me for Christmas. I started during Bug's nap, and picked it up again after she went to bed. And I finished it before I went to bed. This wouldn't be unusual for me at all, except I just haven't found the time to read the way I love to read in ages! Here's to a year full of reading and writing!! 
Our new HOME SWEET HOME!!! :) 

Our new HOME SWEET HOME!!! :) 

What are you excited about, now that the holidays are behind us :) 

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