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Grateful + a Giveaway!

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Mondays are hard. At least, they used to be. They used to be days of not wanting to open my eyes, of moaning and groaning about the weekend being over, of complaining about any little thing that went wrong. Then I came across the fantastic Emily's blog, and her Grateful Heart linkup - and shortly Mondays started becoming a happier occasion! Spending time on a Sunday, thinking over the previous week, and considering what I could write about that I was genuinely grateful for, has changed my attitude immensely. I find myself looking *forward* to Monday (insane, right?!) and really appreciating the time I have to reflect on the week. It's a beautiful thing, guys! 

And so today, on our first Grateful Heart Monday of the year 2015 (!!), I find that I am grateful for: 

- Children museum dates with my brother, sister-in-law, sister, two nephews and baby niece! It is wonderful to be living so close to them and to be able to meet up for a few hours to wander and watch the children explore together. 

- Friendly neighbors. A few in our cul-de-sac have popped round to introduce themselves, leave their phone numbers, even drop off plates of cookies! Our neighbor to the left also travels a lot with work and he and M were on the same page immediately, offering to check in on the other's family when they are away. (They've also said they have teenage girls, who are always looking for babysitting opportunities...!) 

- This house. I. LOVE. IT. I didn't like certain things about it when we moved in and/or looked at it originally, but a lot have grown on me once we were living here. And the ones I still don't love aren't terrible - nothing needs work, it's all purely a matter of aesthetics/style. I'm grateful for that! I just keep walking around the house during the day, thinking, "This is ours - we live here, and we own it!!" :) {Stay tuned for a house reveal later in the week!!} 

- Returning to regularly scheduled programming. I loved the holiday season but there is something great about getting back to a routine, to my usual schedule. I haven't had a schedule in place since we moved into the house, what with the holiday prep and celebration and our babymoon trip, so I'm actually pretty happy that things will be a bit quieter and calmer now. Time to start getting the nursery ready for Baby #2 and work on organizing the house! 

- My bloggy tribe!! Because of this blog, I've made so many friends in other states and parts of the world. These ladies inspire me and make me laugh, and I'm so honored to know them - and I can't wait to meet many of them in September!!! One of these lovely ladies is my sweet friend, Faith. She blogs over at Life with Mrs. G and the Artist and started one of the most fun link-ups - a monthly vlog, taking all of us out of our comfort zones of writing behind a screen. Faith's blog celebrated 5 YEARS running yesterday, and as a celebration, she's put together an amazing giveaway that I'm happy to be part of - you could win some great prizes - check it out below!

The giveaway is open until Sunday the 11th - good luck!! :) 

And a happy Grateful Heart Monday to you all! 

Grateful Heart Monday linkup