The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Gender Guesses

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Do you believe in motherly intuition...? I do, for certain things. I'm not sure if 'knowing' the gender of the child you're carrying is one of those intuition things; I've heard stories for it and against it. 

When I was pregnant with Bug, my initial feeling was that she was going to be a girl. We had the debate as to whether to find out at the 20 week scan - and if I'm honest, we went back and forth, back and forth - but ultimately we decided to leave it a surprise. And I was really happy with that decision - it was such a fun moment, lifting her for the first time and the midwife asking me "what is it?" and looking to answer for ourselves...! Like nothing else in my life. :) 

However, despite a strong feeling at first that I was carrying a girl, all through my pregnancy everyone told me baby was going to be a boy. The way I was carrying, the shape of my bump, what I was craving - pretty much any of the usual old wives' tales convinced everyone that I was carrying a little man in my belly. I think maybe one friend thought I was having a girl. So many people kept saying it for the entire pregnancy, that they convinced me and I started assuming that baby would be a boy too. So imagine my surprise when she was born....! Funnily enough, in the later months I dreamt that we met the baby, and in my dream she was a girl. (Perhaps my gut instinct trying to tell me that I was right...?)

Well this time around, I've again had a gut feeling from the beginning. But even after my gut being right the first time, I keep wondering if there's any way I could possibly have it's all a 50-50 shot anyway (or more like 106/100 actually, if you get into the science of it all). Especially when it's just a little feeling. I won't know if I'm right for another few weeks, but it's fun to wonder! (What is my guess, you ask? OK, OK, I'll tell you....I've been feeling like this one will be a boy!) :) 

Now if you really want the answer, you'll have to wait until my bestie in California has a dream. While I was in labor the first time, I got an email from Erin - she'd just woken up from a dream that I was having my baby and it was a girl! I was only a few hours into labor when I got the email, with plenty more to go, but she was spot on. SO - Erin, start dreaming and let me know already!! ;) 

Today is Wednesday, which means it's a day to share wishes & dreams with the lovely Anne at Love the Here & Now - my wish today is that no matter which gender this little baby turns out to be, that it be healthy and happy when it arrives, and maybe even a bit like mommy - aka not arriving late to the party! ;) 

Do you think a mom can sense what she's carrying? And if you've had a baby, did you guess correctly?? 

If you want more of the details of Bug's birth story, come back next week - I'll be sharing it for the first time!