The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Grateful for Many Things

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Yesterday morning I started the day with my fourth-to-last OB appointments, wahoo! Three more to go...assuming baby turns up generally on time. All looks good, head is squarely resting on my cervix (trust me, I already knew this piece of juicy news, yowza) and my blood pressure is still exactly the same it's been throughout the entire pregnancy. She asked me what size Bug was when she was born and I told her 8 lbs 5 oz to which she said, yup, this one's on track for around the same size. Hooray...with Bug I was lulled into a false sense of small baby expectations, since I was pretty small at 6 lbs 9 oz and neither M nor I are particularly big individuals. Yet somehow I had the biggest baby in my family so far! Dr C laughed and said the only way I'm having a 6 lb baby this time around is if it comes in the next few days... (Baby, I have no problem whatsoever if you decided you wanted to turn up a little early...!) 

Last week was a bit crazy town with the lack of sleep and dealing with Bug's upset tummy, which meant that I was not on top of my usual posting schedule. I ended up missing altogether one of my favorite linkups - Grateful Heart Mondays with Ember Grey. Now I have no proof that starting my week without sharing my gratitude meant that the week was that bit harder, and my stats professor would remind me that 'correlation does not prove causation', buuuuuut...the facts are I did miss the linkup and I had a tough week. So let's try and be scientific and see how my week goes after joining again ;) 

Things I am grateful for from last week: 

  • Finding activities for toddlers 3 days a week at the local library, which is only a 2 minute drive / 10 minute walk into town! 
  • Taking Bug to the books and building blocks morning and meeting some new mums and babes, and bumping into a girl who went to high school with me who now has kids near Bug's age - and lives around the corner! Future playdate buddies I think...! 
  • Getting to enjoy my mom's cooking *twice* 
  • Finding out that Bye Bye Baby (where we bought new baby's car seat and Bug's new bedroom furniture) accepts Bed Bath & Beyond coupons - and getting 20% off EVERYTHING after the fact...!! #awesome
  • Flowers for no reason, IBC Root Beer, and Snickers ice cream - all given to me last week by my husband, making sure I had reasons to smile while he was out of town with work  

Things I am grateful for this week: 

  • M only having to travel on Thurs & Fri this week - especially considering the winter storm on the East coast! 
  • Our neighbor plowing our driveway this morning, without saying a word - I just looked out and he'd finished it and was working on his. Thoughtful people living nearby is just such a wonderful thing.
  • I won a giveaway!! I enter giveaways all the time, but I never really expect to win. What's fantastic is this is a giveaway behind a wonderful cause: Stephanie is shaving her head in a few weeks in order to raise money for childhood cancer research! A bold show of support for a brilliant cause. You can find out more about the St Baldrick's foundation and Stephanie's fundraising efforts here. Please check it out - she's close to reaching her goal and every little bit helps! 

Has your week started off well? What are you feeling grateful for this week? :) 

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey