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Five Favorites & Blogger Love Vol.16

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Well, thank goodness it's Friday, because this was a tough week. M was away and Bug was not sleeping - like AT ALL - for the first part of the week. A friend suggested maybe she is trying to break me back in for the new baby, ha! All I know is I have been dragging across the floor, after her waking up every 2-3 hours a night. On top of that, her poor tummy has been so bad this week - it flared up again a few months ago so we've been trying to get to the bottom of it the last couple of answers yet but we have finally been referred to a specialist who we see today. I just hope that this is the start of figuring out a way to ease this for Bug; it's so hard to see your little one in pain and not understanding why!


On to more pleasant topics - my 5 favorite moments of the week! 

  1. Celebrating my niece's 15th birthday with my family! I still can't believe that TT is 15, it's absolutely insane to think of how fast that time flew. She is such a beautiful, sweet, genuine little lady and I'm so proud of how she's grown into herself. Being able to celebrate with her for the first time in years was wonderful. :) 
  2. Homemade chicken soup with my parents. My mom made soup the other day and she and my dad came round to bring some for me and Bug - I got to devour my mom's cooking (always a win!!) and Bug got some quality play time with her Nana and Papa, it was lovely. (Plus, my mom has some kind of Nana magic - whenever she puts Bug to sleep, she sleeps well and wakes up happy!! I swear, if she could bottle that, she'd make a fortune.) 
  3. I finally found swim lessons for Bug to start up in a few weeks, and it's very close by AND it's on the weekend so M can take her for Dad-and-Bug special time! I don't know who's more excited about this arrangement :) 
  4. M is back home! He got in late last night and I'm SO glad. 
  5. I am finally starting to meet people in the area and as a result, Bug's first official playdate in this country with non-relatives is scheduled!! :) 

And because it's Friday, it's the day where we link up with the lovely Meagan at All the Joys to share our weekly Blogger Love - the posts that we really enjoyed reading ourselves - so you can enjoy them too! Here's what I personally loved: 

1) Do Your Friends Place You in the Best Light? Emily at Ember Grey reminds us that we can choose our friends. Are the people you hold close to you the ones who place you in the best light?  "No one is perfect, no, and all relationships have their bumps (how else would anyone grow in life?), but I think we should cautiously reserve that precious space for the people who treat us how we might like to be treated."

2) 5 Tips for Captivating Colour Photos  Sarah Mikaela at Framboise Fashion shares her helpful hints for grabbing the best color when taking pictures. I'm currently trying to figure out how to use my camera so this is very useful - not to mention the shots of East London made me feel very at home! ;) "I know how tempting it is to just do the straight-on approach, but leaving your comfort zone and trying some different angles, you just might discover some pretty cool results, making you see your motive in a different way and get that million dollar shot!"

3) Why You Should Keep a Journal Chelsea at The Girl Who Loved to Write gives a plethora of reasons why it is a great thing to do for yourself, to write in a journal or diary. Being a big believer in this myself, I have to agree with her reasonings! "There's no one better to tell you about how you've grown and changed than you." Do you keep a journal? Do you ever go back and reread them? I love when I am digging through old files and I find something I wrote years and years's amazing to flood yourself with all the memories of what was happening in life at the time it was written! 

4) Why We Do What We Do Betsy at Heavens to Betsy is such a lovely individual - not only does she knit the most amazing scarves at her Etsy shop (loooove how cozy mine is!!) :) but she also started this online community called The Peony Project, where women bloggers who love Jesus can seek each other out, find support and friendship, and help each other network among other things. I joined it when she started it and it's been a godsend on so many levels. In this post Betsy reminds us that it is a really good idea to periodically stop to think about why we started blogging, and what message we want to convey. " if there's anything i've learned about blogging in the past five years, it's that you need to figure out what your purpose is, and then let that dictate everything you write."

I hope you enjoy those now!

What are you up to this weekend? We are hopefully crossing a few major things off our to do list, like getting blinds for the two living rooms, picking the paint for Bug's bedroom, and packing my hospital bag - with a bit of quiet time in the evenings as well. I have a big evening ahead of binging on "Hart of Dixie" (yep, seriously!) on Netflix tonight after Bug is in bed. I wish you all a fantastic and relaxing weekend too! 

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