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10 Things I Miss About Living in NYC

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Being in New York City a few weeks ago for a friend's wedding was amazing albeit brief - in the few days we were there I had just a tiny taste of the city I used to think I'd NEVER leave, so it's only natural that I'd be thinking about it since we came back home. There are so many things that I love about that city...these are 10 things I really miss about it: 

  1. Brunch -- the brunch scene is legendary. You've probably seen hints of it on Sex & the City. Well, meeting the girls for brunch on a Sunday morning after a night out was one of my favorite things to do - a perfect Eggs Benedict, the biggest well-made cappuccino in your life, and a wander through the shops afterwards, all over a big gabfest about everything going on in our lives. (A close second to brunch was bagels. Seriously. They're just better there.)
  2. My weekly mani/pedi -- the simple law of economics = because there are so many competing places to get your nails done in the city, it's ridiculously cheap. Which means indulging in a weekly or biweekly mani/pedi was not as much an indulgence as a simple factor in your budget. My nails never looked as amazing as when I lived there! 
  3. Walking gets you everywhere! The fact that Manhattan was built up instead of out means that it's a relatively short distance from A to B when you're trying to get somewhere. I walked to work every day rather than take the subway, even in the winter. And most places are just easier to get to if you walk. A happy side effect of all that walking? Helps keep you fit! 
  4. And when it's not easier - or your shoes are just too impossible to walk in - the cabs are affordable and there are tons of them! I was so surprised to see the price of taxis in London after spending so little on them in NYC. 
  5. The pizza -- there is just nothing like a New York pizza. Regardless of whether you're a John's, Arturo's, or Lombardi's fan, or whether you argue the benefits of a coal or a brick oven, they are all nonetheless the BEST pizzas you've had in your life. 
  6. The buzz --- the feeling of the streets, the people, the noise. It's an atmosphere unlike any other. You either love it or you hate it - I loved it. 
  7. Delicious and diverse food options: I could literally run around the corner for any type of cuisine I wanted. And there are a million options for affordable great food, in any cuisine you desire.  
  8. It is as close to 24/7 as you can get for most things. (I say most because if you were ever out and about at 7am on a Sunday there was nobody on the streets but the guys rinsing down the sidewalks of their shops ha, but coffee shops and corner shops were always open and most things were open until dead early in the morning!) 
  9. The shopping! Hello, West Broadway and all the other streets of SoHo - how I miss you!! 
  10. Becoming brave. It's true - if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Moving to one of the more fast-paced, densely populated cities in the world really forced me to figure things out, find my way around, learn how to do things and grow up. Invaluable lessons in my 20s! 

It should go without saying of course, but the thing I miss MOST about living in NYC, is my group of friends who lived there when I did too. Those girls are amazing and we had some ridiculously fun times over those 5 years! 

On Wednesday I like to join my friend Anne for Wednesday Wishes, to share things that we're wishing and hoping for in the week. Today, I'm wishing that everyone take a minute and think of all the things you love about where you currently live - and be thankful for the awesome people there who make it so great! 

Now tell me, what do you love most about your own city or town? Share it in the comments! :) 

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