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Pops of Color!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

If you took a peek into my wardrobe you'd find two totally different sections - one is chock full of bright and fun colors, tucked in beside the typical neutrals, and one is almost entirely black, denim and grey, save for a few tee shirts or dresses. Do you want to hazard a guess which of those is my 'maternity' wardrobe...? That's right, it's the black one! Ha. Given that wearing black often camouflages blemishes and lumps and bumps, it's not surprising that it's taken position of pride in my pregnancy clothing. Not to mention that you're often stuck wearing the same few items of clothing for the 4 or 5 months that you're too big to fit into your regular clothes. 

So seeing this week's prompt from The Creative Closet (& a similar prompt for PMT Style Challenge) was like a breath of fresh air - find a pop of color and incorporate it into your wardrobe! I dug through the colorful items I had at my disposal and stopped as soon as I found these White Plum leggings - aren't they fun?? The colors might be a bit more 'Spring' than 'Winter' but that's just what I needed today. Not to mention that they are the world's most soft and comfortable leggings - their 'one size fits most' is actually true, too, which is a breath of fresh air, since they're not maternity leggings but I'm still getting into them comfortably! These are one of the 4 pairs I bought when I realized how comfy they truly are. (They aren't paying me or giving me anything for this review, either, it's just how much I love them!) I found a cream tunic top to pair with them, and even grabbed another colorful piece - this green knotted cotton scarf - to play up the colors more. 

Aren't they fun colors? I just realized they say "Ho Ho Ho" around my knees ha so they're clearly not aimed for Spring! 

Feet up after a difficult 10 minutes posing for photos... ;) 

What do you think? Do you like the colorful leggings / neutral top look? How do you add a pop of color to your own outfits? 

Leggings: White Plum (similar & similar)
Boots: Falmer Heritage (similar
Scarf: Old Navy (similar
Tunic: Old Navy Maternity (similar
Cami insert: Cami Secret (exact
Ring: Margaret Elizabeth via Rocksbox 
Earrings: old, my own 

Joining Maegen & Jana once again for The Creative Closet and joining Audrey this week too for PMT Style Challenge! 

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