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35 Weeks & Nearly There!

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Nearly there!! Let's see - in 2 weeks babe will be considered 'fully cooked' which means that he/she pretty much could turn up at any point between the next 2-5 weeks!! Awesome news. (And seeing that in print makes me think I ought to pack my hospital bag this week rather than wait til the last minute...)  Since we're nearly at the finish line (hopefully!) I thought I'd recap the last 10 weeks with my final bump update: 

Bump Status: 35 weeks

Feeling: like I'm bursting at the seams! My belly is ridiculously tight and my skin is stretched taut as a's at the point where it's itching so darn much that I can't help but scratch at it constantly, despite the amount of lotion I put on throughout the day. I'm sure it must look wonderful to all the strangers catching me doing that in public. I'm also at that truly lovely point where my feet start swelling in the middle of the day, my fingers swell at night (although I am still wearing my rings during the day), and kiddo's head pushing down is creating some "Whoa baby!" moments of intense pressure and pain! 

Cravings: still on the sugar kick! Major chocolate cravings at night, usually sated with hot cocoa as it's been below freezing for a while here. Although I made brownies from scratch the other night, because what else is a mama to do when there's nothing chocolate in the house at night!? Despite the major hankering for sweets, I am still having cravings for salad, carrots, strawberries - healthy things, off and on. 

Food Aversions: not so much. There's nothing really turning my stomach, but EVERYTHING is giving me heartburn! That, and reflux, are both back with a vengeance - so I now get to enjoy every one of my meals and snacks for hours afterwards. (<-- ahem...sarcasm...) 

Sleep: a funny mix - I cannot fall asleep for the life of me. But once I do fall asleep, I sleep hard, as if I hadn't slept for weeks. And when I wake up, I still feel exhausted. Who knows, maybe it's chasing after a toddler and keeping her entertained all day, whilst carrying all this weight, but I haven't felt well rested in ages! 

Excited About: finally meeting this baby and seeing if my gender gut feeling is right! 

Fears: a little worried that M will be away with work when I go into labor....I know that I can manage with my family's help, my parents are on standby for Bug watching and for driving to the hospital (thanks Mom & Dad!!!!), but I know M would be so upset if he missed the birth of our child. And I only made it through the last labor because of him and his support...I just keep praying that he won't be traveling when all this baby business goes down. 

Body Changes: well I did pretty great with the weight gain for the first 30-odd weeks, keeping it under 20 lbs, but Christmas tipped the scales - literally! It's also time for this baby to grow faster so adding a pound a week is normal, or so I hear. It's not quite to that point but my belly is visibly getting larger and larger day by day. Gotta just embrace it at this point, nothing to be done. 

Maternity Clothes: I think I'm carrying differently this time around at this point. Early on with Bug, I carried straight out, which I am doing now with this one too. But by this point in the last pregnancy, my belly had started widening out and it hasn't happened quite yet. So I'm still able to wear a lot of the clothes I ditched by now, 2 years ago. The over-the-bump jeans are driving me batty, thanks to no belt - I constantly have to yank them up by the stretchy band - so I've been still wearing the low-band jeans which are more for 1st & 2nd trimesters. But I manage, I just swap them out for leggings at night when I get Bug in bed. I'm still loving my White Plum leggings though. They're not maternity but their One Size Fits All still fits, wahoo! And they're so comfortable. 

Comments: Although Braxton Hicks are not new - they've been plaguing me since 20 weeks - they are seriously stepping up a notch the last few weeks! All day, every day, and quite a few of them are ridiculously uncomfortable. The worst ones are when I'm driving, because I can't really adjust my position nor can I walk them off. Because there's such remarkably little space in there when everything tightens, it hurts that much more to feel the arms and legs poking out during those contractions! 

Things I was surprised by: how mellow my hormones seem to be during this pregnancy! I know there were complete crazy moments & meltdowns during my last one. So far I've had a few teary minutes over somewhat silly things, but they've been few and far between. And I can chalk the ones I've had up to a lack of sleep the night before - seriously, fatigue messes with your head! Also surprising is how I'm only a month away from my due date and I haven't gotten the nursery ready yet. Obviously we've been unable to prep it until we moved in a few weeks ago, but I was all over getting Bug's nursery finished by Christmastime, I was not waiting until the last minute! Maybe it's knowing the kiddo will not sleep in their own room for a while, or just drawing a complete blank as to how we should decorate it because I have so many new rooms to decorate in this house, but I'm not letting it bother me too much that we won't have this one set by the time baby arrives. 

What I think is really cool and crazy: It was at this point during my last pregnancy where I had my final week of work, doing those last few days from home to avoid my commute into the office. I forget how good I have it now, not having to take a crowded train/bus/underground combo for 90 minutes to go to work..! It's also strange to think that was really the last time I worked outside the house. That was 2 years ago!   

My appointments will be weekly going forward, so I know I'm getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel...soon we will meet this little one!! I can't wait! :)  

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