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Pretty in Pink - or Coral

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Does anyone else think of the Molly Ringwald film as soon as they hear the phrase "Pretty in Pink"...? Just me? OK. Although I think some of you are lying to yourselves.... ;) 

As much as I love that movie, the styles she wore are not exactly the look I would be going for, so I took a peek at my wardrobe to find what I have that's pink. Shockingly, because I would never list it as my favorite color, I have a LOT. Much of that is non preggers clothing, but even in my meager maternity wardrobe I have a top, a dress, a cardigan, and many scarves and wraps that could qualify. Which shade of pink I prefer varies when I change my hair color - some hues make me look washed out when I'm blonde vs brunette. This shade of coral though, is amazing - I love it regardless of my current hair color! It's just so vibrant and rich. I used to wear it with this Missoni-esque zigzag pattern multicolored wrap dress, because it had a similar tone running through one of the stripes. That will not fit over this person growing in my tummy these days so I went with a simple black maternity dress and my leopard flats.

Often, maternity clothes are just not flattering. And sometimes they're not flattering once you get to a certain point in pregnancy (because nothing is flattering anymore!). This dress is one of those pieces - it's not shapeless exactly, but it's not fitted anywhere along the silhouette and so I don't reach for it much. But I forget that accessories can totally change how you feel about a piece - I love these two together! In fact, I wore the outfit to church on Sunday and not only did I feel good about what I was wearing, I was completely comfortable - and thanks to the cardigan, warm

Bug wanted to join in on the photos again, but she was adamant that hers would be "Pretty in Purple" ha! 

Pretty in Coral 3  Adventures of Bug & Boo.jpg

As much as I try new things as part of this linkup, I realize I still could push myself further outside my comfort zone. A plain dress and cardigan with flats is a great outfit - but I could probably have done with more jewelry, or even gone with something patterned. This is something I definitely plan on doing once I'm back into my non-maternity clothes! That wardrobe is so much bigger that it allows me to play a lot more. I can't wait for that day! (For soooo many reasons ha)

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