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Grateful for Preparation

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As we get closer and closer to my due date, and we finally have the house purchase under our belt, and have successfully made it through the holidays, it's been dawning on me that we are genuinely going to have a 2nd child. And in only a MONTH!!! As the time grows near for labor & delivery, first-time parents will often say that they don't feel ready....but being that I am now in the 'soon-to-be-a-second-time-parent' boat, I can honestly say that this time around I haven't felt much more ready than before! 

Sure, I have been through the newborn phase...the sleepless nights, the nonstop feeding and crying cycle, the explosive diapers, pacing the downstairs singing every song I could possibly think of in a soothing tone... But knowing what to expect - and even knowing what things worked for Bug and what didn't - doesn't make me feel more prepared. If anything, it makes me slightly more anxious about this phase. Because I know how I was dead on my feet for nearly 3 months - and this time I've got a rambunctious nearly-2-year-old to entertain and keep safe for those 3 zombie-mom months. 

We'd been putting the nursery prep on the back burner whilst getting through all the other major things with earlier deadlines - like the house - and so we're now nearly a month away from arrival day, and NOTHING has been done to this kid's nursery. Nothing at all. Of course, kiddo 2 will probably sleep in our room for at least a few months. (Bug slept in our bed for 3 and in our room for another month before we finally moved her out!) But I don't even have a bassinet yet for him/her to sleep in, or a dresser in which to store the clothes that I ought to be washing and folding from when Bug was really little...and because we had to get rid of so much stuff when we were moving overseas, there are some other necessities that we definitely have to get again. For anyone who has felt an intense nesting urge, you will know exactly how much this could be freaking me out right now. 

However, we're starting to make strides in the right direction. Two weeks ago we went on a tour of the hospital - which looks like a great facility! - and had a refresher course in active labor, birthing techniques, and a chat about sibling preparation. (The course was taught by a woman who I grew up with at church, which was a really lovely treat!) That definitely made us feel a bit more at ease about the whole birthing in the US scenario - they seem really pro active labor, and very geared towards helping mothers-to-be know when to try different positions and breathing techniques to help them through labor as best as possible. (Granted, I will reassess after we go through the actual birth!)

Then this past Saturday, we ended up out in a major shopping center about 20 minutes away and saw a baby store - on a whim, we went in and ended up getting our infant car seat (one of the things needing replacing from England), and Bug's new furniture for her room. This is such a big help because her room will probably be the first one we repaint - and we decided that instead of buying brand new furniture for the baby, as Bug has outgrown her tiny crib & dresser set - the only pieces that would fit in her tiny little single room in our UK house! - we'd invest in a big-girl bed and furniture that would grow with her for a number of years. The baby will get Bug's crib and dresser until it's older and we decide how that room will be decorated. So some major strides being made in the right direction...! We won't have the furniture for Bug's room until the end of February, so until then I've got to sort out temporary storage for baby's clothes, but there is a closet in the bedroom so I suppose I should start there... ;) 

Tomorrow I'll be picking through the dozen plastic tubs in the basement, pulling out the 0-3 month clothes to start washing and setting aside. Luckily Bug was a surprise too so that entire tub is full of white or yellow clothes - after that it all turns pink! :) There are also tubs of baby toys and somewhere there's a wrap, I'm sure. I've been told that's invaluable when you've got an older child as well as the baby, since it helps keep your arms free for toddler cuddles. 

We will get there. I say that a lot, mostly because it's true (and it helps me to persuade myself of that fact). We'll be ready. This baby will arrive - probably within the next 4-6 weeks (please God don't be 6...!!) and anything we don't have ready, we'll figure it all out. Because we'll have to! And until then, I'm grateful for the time we do have on our hands to get a few more things crossed off my long to-do lists! 

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