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Grateful for No Breaks

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And just like that, it’s Monday once again…. How does the beginning of the week always manage to sneak up on me?? I look forward to the weekend all week long and then quick as a flash, it’s over, and I’m left wondering how on earth did it go by so quickly and what did I do for those two days? Does anyone else have that experience?

The one nice thing about Mondays (ok, perhaps there is more than one, but I’m hard-pressed on most occasions to think of more…) is the Grateful Heart prompt that the beautiful-hearted Emily at EmberGrey started. Because of this prompt to consider things for which we are grateful, I now generally begin the week in a better mood. It’s so rewarding to take the time and realize that there is so much to be thankful for – even when it’s just the tiny little things.

Today, though, I am thankful for the big things. I am feeling incredibly grateful that Bug is healthy and ok. I am thankful that our health insurance cards arrived on Friday. And I am thankful that we are staying with my parents at the moment and that my mom stays so calm on her feet. Yesterday, Bug had a fall. We don’t even know what happened because it didn’t look like anything other than a typical trip over her own feet / throwing herself on the ground because someone told her ‘no’ to stop trying to get into the bathroom. But she shrieked and quickly was screaming, crying, clutching her left arm and refusing to move it. We tried to calm her down and see if we could notice anything wrong; we gave it a little time to see if it was just the initial shock of feeling a little pain and she would shake it off, calm down. But she didn’t. She kept screaming and crying in a way we’d never seen before. We were terrified that she had broken something, so M and I and my mom carefully strapped her into her car seat and flew to the hospital. (Being thankful also that my mom knew where we were going because we haven’t ever driven there before.)

We had the extreme luck to pick a hospital with a pediatric emergency department, so we didn’t have to wait with everyone else in the adult waiting room. Bug was seen literally immediately, and everyone from the attending doctor to the nurse to the receptionist was so sweet and kind with her. She calmed down a bit when we walked in, probably due to all the colorful murals on the walls and toys and new people. Every time she moved her arm though she howled again in pain and clutched it carefully with her right hand. :( The doctor looked her over and said it was most likely ‘nursemaid’s elbow’ – where the elbow basically comes out of the socket, per se, from being pulled or jolted in some way. She could have done it herself, and apparently it is pretty common with kids her age because of the elasticity in their joints and bones. She scheduled her in for X-rays though to be sure it wasn’t anything more ominous.

The four of us sat in the private little bay and Bug and I cuddled on the bed, taking care not to bump her arm. She moved back and forth from my lap to Nana’s lap, laughing periodically at Daddy’s attempts to cheer her up and distract her. Shortly after she and I were wheeled over to x-ray and she had a series of 6 or 7 taken. Unfortunately I forgot that I wouldn’t be able to be anywhere near the x-rays because I’m pregnant, so I couldn't help hold her still, and poor Bug was terrified at what was going on. I kept trying to hold her and calm her down in between but she just kept crying and saying through her tears, “All done, bye bye” to the kind young man taking the photos. :( I was so upset that I couldn’t get her to understand she had to sit still and she just kept getting more and more upset. During the x-rays being taken, the young man had to keep positioning her arm to take them and she kept moving, so he ended up having to tape her hand into place for all of the last 4. She was really unhappy with that and wrenched her hand away – the first time I saw her use her arm all morning. We went back to the room and Bug was sooo relieved to be away from the x-rays. She practically jumped into Nana and Daddy’s arms.

Bug, much relieved to be back in Daddy's arms after her traumatic x-rays! 

Bug, much relieved to be back in Daddy's arms after her traumatic x-rays! 

The doctor came in and said she had a quick glance at the x-rays and didn’t see anything too ominous – that there was a small spot on her elbow that could potentially be something but it’s hard to tell with very little children and sometimes they come back a week later for another x-ray and you can see a calcified spot where you thought maybe something might have been. But at this point Bug was using her arm again and seemed in much better spirits, so the doc asked if she seemed in a lot of pain at any point during x-rays – she said often with that ‘nursemaid’s elbow’ the positioning done by the x-ray technician can snap the joint back into place…that is possibly what happened – but who really knows? All I know is that she was back to herself after the x-rays and within an hour she was using her arm completely as normal. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief and just thanked God that she was fine!!!

Are you feeling grateful for something in particular today? I’m sending you all thoughts of positivity and happiness!!! 

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