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Friday Favorites (& a Vlog)!

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Bug's favorite from the week - her cousin's play house! 

Bug's favorite from the week - her cousin's play house! 

Happy Friday!! I cannot hold it in today - I am just so excited - because a few days ago, Emily at EmberGrey posted my VERY. FIRST. VLOG. !!! A few months ago I never would have considered doing one (because speaking on camera seems so much more scary than typing into blank space!!)  - but last week I faced my fears and just recorded it. And I didn't sound too weird! For any bloggers out there contemplating a foray into the vlog world, I highly recommend it. It's fun to do something outside of your comfort zone sometimes, and it's awesome for others to get to see your face when you're speaking, hear your voice - I think it's much more like sitting and having a conversation with someone. Plus watching it back you think, so that's what I sound like on Skype...! Anyways, if you want to have a little perusal and decide if I have an English accent or not ;) go here. (And let me know the verdict!) 

Now onto the main event - joining up again (finally!) with Meagan at All the Joys for a little blogger love! I have missed the last few of these, which is a shame because I love both highlighting some wonderful things I"ve read through the week- but also I love reading what other people have shared and finding new blogs each time!  I finally have been managing to read most blogs this week (although I am decimating my parents' internet allotment...does nobody do unlimited broadband in this country?? You'll all have to tell me how many gigs you use a month because I had to up theirs to 30...Doesn't that sound outrageous..??) ANYWAY - regardless of what I am doing to my parents' Internet bill (I'm sorry guys, I'll pay the overage!) I have been reading along this week and want to share some of my favorites with you all! In no particular order: 

1) Emily @ EmberGrey: "To Change the World" --> Emily's beautiful musings on youth and charging others with changing the world is a truly lovely and inspiring piece! Sticking with me: "DO MORE...with love and without excuses." :) 

2) Amy @ Set Free: "Currently || Claire Edition" --> I loved this! Amy took a typical 'currently' post where you share what you are thinking, feeling, enjoying etc at that moment in time and flipped it to her 6-year-old daughter, Claire. Claire's answers are darling!! 

3) Whitney @ Journey Mercies: "When Culture Shock Feels Like Drowning" --> OK technically this post wasn't from this week, but as I'm only catching up slowly - and it blew me away - I had to include it. Whitney writes poignantly about how it feels to move to a new country. It describes those feelings of being an expat perfectly. Considering reverse culture shock is real, and to a smaller degree it feels a bit like this to repatriate to your own country after several years away, I read this a good few times before I bookmarked it for reading again later. It also happens to be brilliantly written. 

There are so many more that I also enjoyed this week but far too many to share without overloading you all so I hope that you enjoy these three :) Go check them out! And feel free to share your favorites from the week and join the linkup below! I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

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