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Winning the Lottery...

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Today marks the beginning of October (how on earth did that happen??) and I'm joining Helene and Taylor for the start of #Blogtober14 - an intention to blog every day this month. Knowing that I'm not Superwoman, and that I need to focus on our move to do list still (and of course, my child!), I can't guarantee I'll be linking up each day, but I definitely intend to join in whenever I can! Today's prompt is all about what we'd do if we won the lottery - a fun thought....

Helene in Between Blogtober

I'm going to be really cheesy now with this, but I thought it when I read the prompt so I feel I have to include it: I believe that I already won the lottery when I met M. He is the other half of our amazing team, and I have been blessed a thousand times over by having him in my life. I definitely scored the winning ticket by scooping him up! :) 

Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you won the actual lottery...? I'm not talking about a small (relatively speaking!) 10k kind of take-home, I mean that giant, über huge Mega Millions, ten states and beaucoup bucks kind of a prize! Now I have only personally bought lotto tickets a handful of times, and a few times I was given some as wedding favors or good luck gifts - so since you have to be in it to win it, it's pretty unlikely that I will ever be standing in front of cameras holding that ridiculously giant check. But those two times we bought tickets I did half think we would win it (why would you buy tickets if you weren't going to think positively, I say?!), and boy did my mind wander and spend a good few hours in Make Believe Land, frittering away all of that fantasy money in my head. 

In reality though, I find it pretty difficult to think of what I would spend an enormous sum of money on. At least, in terms of big and exciting things... Firstly, and probably an #epicfail in terms of boring, if I won the lottery, I would try really hard to remain an anonymous winner. I know that you forfeit a sizable chunk of the winnings by making that choice, but I've read about a lot of individuals who won and had all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork trying to claim distant ancestry, as well as scams coming in the mail constantly, fake charities and even fake sufferers of illnesses that 'needed assistance' - and often winners would be duped by these situations. I'd rather be unknown as the winner and be free to choose the charities and individuals that I wanted to donate to without the stress of wondering if they're real or not. 

OK, so I've won the lotto, I've picked up my giant check (anonymously), what am I going to spend my money on....? Here is the list that I came up with: 


  • Buy the dream house that we have been drooling at online - cash so none of this needing-an-SSN-for-the-mortgage problem! - and close in record time! Move out of parents' home. 
  • Kit out a beautiful home office for M and a new nursery for Baby O2 so I can stop stressing about finishing that before due date.
  • Turn one of the high-ceilinged rooms in our new house into a library like the one in Beauty & the Beast. Fill it with books! Hide here whenever I need to. ;) 
  • Buy parents a new home that is exactly what they want so they don't have to keep remodeling every room every time they move - and is close enough to get to with the kids (!) easily.
  • Build a 2nd home on the land next to my in-laws. 
  • Buy a bigger place for my grandparents so they have more space and hire a financial manager to help them handle the care of all of my grandfather's sisters, whom he caretakes for at this stage in their lives. 


  • Hire a great financial planner so we don't whittle away everything too quickly and to ensure that we are investing in and properly managing both my IRA from the 10 years I did work and M's 401k / pension.
  • Invest in college funds for Bug, microbug, and any future children.
  • Create college funds for all of our nieces and nephews.


  • Start a baby/toddler and mom group in the area where moms and kids can get together for play dates and try new sessions of things (like Potty Parents!!) - arrange rented space, snacks, toys, marketing, etc and run with it!
  • Donate significant sums anonymously to the charities for each of the diseases that have affected people close to us in our lives, and to individuals who desperately need it. Also donate time and money to causes that need more attention and funding - including clean water, schools, and medical assistance to countries who are in deep need. 
  • Plan a big fundraiser for at least one of those causes. 
  • Hire my mom (or someone else I trust) to watch Bug for a few hours a few days a week, to give me time with Microbug when s/he arrives.
  • Take care of our families. Always. 
  • Attempt to be a genuine writer. Blog, write, start that novel that's been floating around in my head forever. Give it a proper shot and see what happens! 


  • Hire a personal masseuse for the duration of this pregnancy so I don't ache anymore! 
  • Take trips to California and Rome with M, and splurge out a little for our trip to NYC in December for our friends' wedding. 
  • Travel to Ireland to visit my in-laws and our family there whenever we want. 
  • Plan a luxurious trip for each year somewhere on our bucket lists. 

I realize that this is not really the most exciting list - and I don't know at what point the money would run out so eventually some prioritization would have to happen, surely - but I do also realize that I am probably not the type of person who would just blow all the money within months buying fancy cars, personal jets, throwing lavish parties for whole cities, etc. And I'm totally ok with that. I'd like to think my moderation would mean we'd be able to do a whole lot more than we'd planned! 

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?? 

Seeing as today is Wednesday Wishes with Anne, an apt wish would probably be to buy a winning lottery ticket ;) but that is not my wish today. Today I am wishing for a great rest of the week for my husband at his conference, for his safe return on the weekend, for us to make a rapid decision on this house situation when he does return, and for a bit more sleep for all of us! :) Happy Hump Day everyone! 

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