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Small Steps Forward & Friday Faves

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Friday is here - and with it, some positive news! This week our shipment of goods arrived from the UK!!! (All of our furniture, clothing, paintings, bikes, etc - everything we had kept from our 'purge' before moving) The crate arrived on a tractor trailer on Tuesday morning and 3 lovely men from a local moving firm came right after to unload and unpack. Sadly, they couldn't unpack, because my parents have their OWN household full of furniture and other goods, so it's in storage, still wrapped and boxed up. But - miracle of miracles - every box and wrapped item is accounted for! Nothing went missing and from what we can tell from our quick squizz of the state of the packaging, things look to have made it in decent condition. There was one box that looked a bit banged up but I'm just crossing my fingers that 'pillows / linens' was written on that one. 

Then yesterday we seem to have gotten to the bottom of the insurance problems we've been having since day one. They sent us 4 cards, all told to be incorrect when we called, and turns out the first one was correct and all of the numbers they've sent to us or verbally told us over the phone since have been wrong - and tied to someone else's record!! But they're aware of the problem now and are working over the weekend to fix it. And today we had news that may actually progress the SSN delays we've been facing! (Fingers crossed - I feel like we'll finally start living once we can cross all the things off our list that are waiting on the SSN...) So I'm feeling pretty content with the general shape the week has taken! 

And without further ado, here are some of the posts I really enjoyed this week: 

1) A Savory Feast: Jenna's recipe for Pumpkin Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze....does this really need any words?? I want this. Like, in my belly - NOW. 

2) Strong + Sweet: Bonnie's ideas for Halloween costumes for her little Bekah. Halloween isn't really popular in England like it is here so I didn't dress Bug up last year. I *love* these drawings & ideas from Bonnie though and am feeling inspired to find something cute for Bug! 

3) A Tiny TravelerNatalie's mug swap! I think this idea is awesome! I have only started to get involved in mail swaps with other bloggers and members of communities and I find this very exciting :) The idea of post coming from someone unknown, and the surprise of what you'll find getting to be creative and find something really neat for another person! I signed up straight away. 

What are you all up to this weekend? :)

Since M is off bright and early on Sunday for Boston and we'll not see him then until Saturday night, we're having a family funday out tomorrow morning AND the two of us are going out for dinner! :) Granted, we're hitting up the early bird dinner because of the crazy early flight the next day, but who cares? We're having a date night! ;)

Happy weekending! 

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