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One of the downsides we knew we were going to face with this move to the US, is a lessening of the amount of time that we get to spend together as a family. M's new job was going to take him into the realm of lots of travel, and longer hours. We knew this going into the decision process, thankfully, and were able to wrap our heads around it (as much as is possible before something is a reality). We also knew we were counterbalanced on the other side by more time with the wider family unit, aka my parents, siblings, & their spouses and kids. 

The adjustment is still happening for us all, in terms of getting used to the travel and the way that M's mind is almost always a little focused on work, even when he's at home. Granted, we've only had a couple days a week where he's been away so far - next week he's gone all week, so that will probably be a lonely one in this neck of the woods, but we'll cope! What we have enjoyed lately, now that we're getting back into the swing of things ourselves, is a real improvement in the quality of the time that we spend together now. Perhaps a bit of it is living in a new(ish) place and wanting to explore and check things out, but some of it is a genuine conscious effort at making the most of the weekends, the time that we have M with us for the whole day. 

Bug loves these days. (So do I!) And on Saturday the three of us took a mini trip to a farm about 30 minutes away to have our first Family Fall Funday! I definitely expect there to be a whole slew of these in the future, because we all had a blast! We rode on the train for the children; fed ALL of the farm animals, one by one (and some more than once - Bug loves bunnies lol); got lost in a cornfield maze (seriously lost); went on a hay ride; cycled these little 'cars' through a race track; and M and I watched Bug hop around on a bouncy pillow for ages, giggling her head off and waving at all the other little kids bouncing around. It was a wonderful day where we all laughed, M and I relaxed, we talked to each other, we listened to each other, and we enjoyed the start of the autumn in New York (M's first!). :) 

M and Bug in corn maze.jpg
Bug and I feeding goats.jpg
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Because today is when we share our grateful hearts, I'm linking up with Emily again to share these things I'm so happy about today. I'm so grateful that we are making the time for our little family, as well as our big family, in this move. I'm full of appreciation that M has made this move possible with taking this job and his willingness to move close to my family, to make a start at this American life for us. I'm so grateful that he loves Bug and me (and microbug) so much. I'm thankful for these weekends we have together to explore, to get out in the fresh air, and to celebrate our next stage in this life together! I'm looking forward to seeing where this next phase takes us... :) 

Today, I am thankful. Are you? :) 

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