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I would love to say that after 3+ weeks in of our move to the US, that the bureaucracy surrounding the applications and doctor's registrations and mortgage has gotten more clear, but alas, the government departments are not really shining in that arena. Our house hunt is still on 'pause' as a result, which no doubt worries my parents a little more than they let on.. They're being wonderful about the unknown end date of our current stay, but at the same time I'm well aware that the longer we go without making an offer on a house, the longer we will be cohabiting with adults who thought they had survived - and grown to love - the empty nest! 

On the good news front, we do have two lovely new cars, I've finally sourced a good pediatrician for Bug and have her appointment set for next week to review all her jabs (as the US and UK schedule doesn't match up exactly, and the US require a few that the UK don't at all...poor kiddo), and I have a line on a decent GP practice for M and I that isn't too far away. I found a wonderful toddler sing & read session at the local library 8 minutes from my parents, and took Bug yesterday - she was very shy at first, just watching everyone else and chewing on her fingers in my lap - but she came out of her shell once the toys and soft climbing blocks came out. I can tell she's going to love it! It reminded me of my first 'rhyme time' library baby session in England - I didn't know ANY of the nursery rhymes or songs there and I clearly don't know the new ones here either! We got a library membership and picked out a few new bedtime stories to read this week, which she also is loving :) We also maybe have a date night this week (fingers crossed) and a LOT of good recommendations for restaurants that I've never heard of or been to in this city, which is pretty promising and exciting! This weekend we are hopefully taking Bug to her very first pumpkin patch so we can take oodles of cute autumnal photos and pick out some giant ones to carve and/or bake. :) 

The to-do list continues of course...I need to somehow get all of our medical records from England sent over here - not sure the policy on that with our old GP but from past experience I am anticipating a lot of hassle; we still need to keep on top of the current housing market in the areas we're looking at, so we know if anything new crops up that we want to add to our list to view once the red tape is eliminated; we are still waiting for the *correct* insurance card to arrive - apparently our company has sent out 4 cards so far and each one was wrong, I don't know who is in charge over there but they seriously need a review of accuracy and efficiency, sheesh! At least we know we *have* insurance but it would help if we had the cards in hand for these doctor appointments. 

There are a million things on the to do list once our shipment arrives here - it has landed in NYC and is clearing customs, but still no ETA. We really ought to unwrap and open everything, to see if we need to file insurance claims as we only have 60 days to submit and it will likely be in storage longer than that (given the house hunt is still wide open), but at the same time I can't bear the thought of doing that when it's all got to go back into storage until we have a home to unpack it in. I've got a list in my head as well of the things we need to do and get for microbug's arrival, and I hate waiting until the last minute for this stuff, but there's nowhere to put it at the moment so there's really no point in starting yet. 

And I wonder why my mind races each night and I can't fall asleep...!! 

So today, as I link up with Anne for her Wednesday Wishes, I am wishing for the red tape to be cut, for progress to be made on all of these lists, and mostly I am really, really, really wishing and praying that we find a house that becomes our very own by Christmastime.... 

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