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New York, New York

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

This month will mark 6 years since I moved to London. In fact, the day *before* my 6 year anniversary of landing here in this city, I'm moving back to the USA. How's that for poetic? 

When I moved here, I left behind everything I knew and loved for the total unknown. I had lived in Greenwich Village in NYC for 5 years - I moved there after university. It was where I had said I'd live for years and years before moving there, and I had finally gotten there and settled into life in the city. Now, of course, I'm doing the exact same thing again but in the reverse. And thinking about all of that is making me miss the city so much!

So today for Throwback Thursday I'm sharing a few pictures of my old neighborhood that were taken in the weeks before I moved to London. A lot of places have changed - sadly, Le Figaro Cafe which was a relic from the 60s and a stomping ground of numerous beats poets had to sell their business and is no longer there :( - but some are still the same. I can't wait to go back in December and explore my old 'hood! 


Today I join the 3 Southern Gals' TBT Linkup Party, and The Grits Blog Little Friday Linkup - join the fun and check out the links below!! :) 

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