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Another Monday of Gratefulness

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Hello! It's been nearly a week since I've been on here, there's so much to catch up on. I hope you've been keeping well! We were away this past week - in Ireland - for a wedding, a christening, and time with family before we make our US move later this month. It was a wonderful weekend. 

Which means I am hard-pressed to narrow my list of the things I'm feeling grateful for today, so I'm giving you a bunch (again):

  1. The beautiful wedding of two lovely friends of ours! The day was gorgeous, the bride was radiant (the dress amazing!!), the craic was excellent, and we got to celebrate with a lot of wonderful friends of M's from uni that we haven't seen since maybe our own wedding (??) two years ago. Such a great wedding and so much fun to go as a family. They even thought of the kids in attendance with high chairs and kid's menus and coloring books & crayons on the tables in the receptions! 
  2. A mini trip as the 3 of us! We had a little time together each day at the hotel which was really lovely. It's been a while since we took a trip and to have the chance to enjoy a bit of time with just our little family was wonderful. 
  3. A very family friendly hotel - they gave us an actual crib for Bug, they had mini hedge mazes at the perfect height for little ones, beautiful grounds with horses to feed and pet, and there was even a fab little playroom on the ground floor that was jam packed with great Mellissa & Doug toys for all ages. That was a lifesaver! We didn't have to stay confined to the hotel room in between meals and wedding events, which gets old fast with a toddler. 
  4. A huge, fancy hotel suite! A surprise booked by M - we don't do it often so it was a real treat that we all enjoyed. When we were in the suite, there was plenty of space for Bug to run from room to room and stretch her legs. (And the bathtub faucets were just at the right height for her to spend oodles of time turning them on and off ha!) :) 
  5. A perfect day yesterday with M's family, celebrating the christening of our new little niece, D! She's absolutely gorgeous and was so great at the christening. I didn't hold her (sad face) because I picked up a nasty cough right after the wedding, so no newborn cuddles, but we took loads of piccies and Bug had a brilliant time playing with her older cousin C, whose 2nd birthday we also celebrated! 
  6. New dresses for both us girls :) (sometimes it's the simple things) 
  7. Great times with friends and family all weekend long! I only wish we could have had more time, and been able to do more things and see more people. It was chock full so we couldn't fit everything in, but hopefully we will take a nice long trip next spring when M has saved up a good amount of holidays. 

These Grateful Heart Mondays put me in such a great mood for the week ahead! Join in with your own grateful post at EmberGrey - or just check out everyone's thankful thoughts :) 

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