The Adventures of Bug and Boo

15 Weeks & Counting

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

This has been an exhausting week! i really thought I'd have been better at keeping up with the blogging once the jet lag eased up but I underestimated how much time we'd be spending on running all over looking at houses, at cars, going to banks to open accounts, figuring out which cell phone provider to go with (because they all royally screw you in this country), and all the other bits and bobs that you need to do when you set up camp in a new place. I'm hoping to get into a better rhythm next week, now that the first crunch to get stuff done is over...(famous last words??)! 

Anyway, I've seen a few different prego updates along the blogosphere so I've snagged the questions off of Megan's page (she cracks me up, btw - a fellow American-turned-English-expat-married-to-an-Irishman-turned-repatriator extraordinaire - and with a fabulously sarky sense of humour!). And while I'm not entirely sure anyone cares, I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts - even when not carrying a child within my person - and I know I'll look back at these fondly once this next kiddo is older too. And rest assured, these will not be overly frequent! But since I haven't done one yet, here goes....


Bump Status: 15 weeks 

Feeling: a little nervous that this baby will be scarily huge...seriously, where did this bump come from in the last week??? It's earlier than Bug popped out...I know, I know, you show sooner with subsequent pregnancies, but seriously. I can only get bigger from here.... However, I am feeling relieved that my nausea is finally going away. (Fingers crossed) 

Cravings:  Weirdly, healthy foods. With Bug, all I wanted was pizza, tacos, curries - basically heavy, stodgy, food that wasn't too great for me - often covered in cheese. And while I am still eating some of that (hey, I'm still me) the things I find myself craving are salad, veggies, anything that seems remotely healthy. But then, everything about this pregnancy has been a full 180 from the last one.

Food Aversions: Nothing stands out in particular...I had a lot of hand-to-mouth moments when looking through my fridge and cupboards in the first 13 weeks or so (which is probably why I only gained 4 lbs that whole time - again, soooo different from the last time LOL) but it never was the same thing twice. 

Sleep: Meh. I'm waking up quite a few times to pee of course, and it's hard to get comfortable already. Tossing and turning, trying to stay on my side and avoiding laying on my back like a good mum-to-be (again)...except I always want to sleep on my stomach or my back ha! 

Excited About: Seeing Bug with her little sibling - and hoping that they are close friends and each other's best supporters for life! 

Fears: A big baby...Bug was 8.5 lbs and holy cow was I unprepared for that! I was 6 lbs 9 oz and M was little when he was born too so I was lulled into a false sense of security about that. Now I know how big Bug was, I'm a little apprehensive about another big baby (or God forbid, bigger...). Also, I know what to expect with labor and birth this time, so I'm pretty anxious about that too. I know I can do it, I did it the first time, but I also know EXACTLY how painful it is this time. And OH. :/

Body Changes:  The typical bigger bustline (hellooooo, girls!), hip pain, back and neck pain, everything moving around again. Abdominal cramps (yup, I can feel my uterus growing, uhhhh), and of course, the big ol' bump that popped out to say hello!! I am still wearing my pre prego bottoms, using a waist tab extender, but only my looser pre prego tops are still fitting at a decent length. 

Maternity Clothes: Not yet!!! Holding out as long as possible, because how boring are most of those things!? Any recos for stylish stuff, please do send. I BEG you. 

Comments:  It's funny with the second time - I remember a lot from the first but also there's so little time to just sit and think about it that it's flying by. I had all the apps on my phone with Bug's pregnancy, reading about the fruit or veg that she was the size of that week, and how her body was growing, what was changing within mine, etc. And that was lovely and I really enjoyed it! But I don't have the time for it this time so I feel a little bit like I'm not building up this expected child exactly like we built up Bug in our minds...but I suppose some of that is (perfectly normal, I imagine) concern about not shortchanging this kid just because we've done the 'firsts' before, or because we have a toddler who will take a lot of time away from new baby....

Things I was surprised by:  How different this time around is!! 

What I think is really cool and crazy: That my family get to be around for this pregnancy, to feel this baby moving in my tummy, laugh at my mood swings etc - and be around for the birth! I seriously missed all of that last time - and I know my mom did too, being my first baby, and I'm so glad that we get to enjoy all of this together this time round! 

Gender:  this will be the only mention, because Baby O2 is also going to be a surprise! Come back in Feb to find out.... ;) 

Did anyone else have a completely different experience the 2nd (or 3rd) time around? Anyone else expecting and feeling huge already?? :) 

Wishing you all a very happy Labor Day weekend - my first one in the US since 2008!!! =)