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Settling In

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Well, we are here, in our new town & country! It still doesn't quite feel real...I think it may take a few weeks for it to really sink in, since I've had long trips home before. The jet lag is slowly improving - it would be gone by now except Bug has had a few rough nights. No doubt it's jet lag on her part too, but also her top incisors are trying to push through... Yup - moving, teething, pregnancy, all at once! Such fun ;) 

But we are indeed slowly settling in. I'm learning my way around these roads again, and I even drove M downtown - for his very first time! - to look at office space to work out of for the next few months while we look at houses. And since we DO have to look at houses, decide which neighborhood/area we want to live in, and then go through the whole house buying thing, we are temporarily bunking with my parents. Which is such a strange thing to do at 32 but I have to say, it feels so nice after all these years away. And it is wonderful to see Bug playing with them, chasing them around the house, and calling out for Nana and Papa every time they leave the room. :) Not having family really close by on either side for the first 18 months of her life, it's really just beautiful to see her getting close to them. I always knew that parents who had family nearby were blessed, but now I *really* understand it. It's not simply the babysitting help, which of course we will be enjoying too ;) but seeing your parents adoring your child as much as you do, and never getting frustrated or upset at them and their tantrums or behaviors...there's just no real way to express it. It's beautiful! 

Bug testing out all of the new (to her) toys at Nana and Papa's! 

Bug testing out all of the new (to her) toys at Nana and Papa's! 

We still have a LOOOOOOT to do. M needs to deal with government agencies and departments galore (snooore!) to make sure all his paperwork etc is done and dusted. We need to open a joint bank account, I need a US cell phone, we need to update our address on literally everything, we need to find doctors and an OBGYN and a hospital, and we need to find somewhere to live. Excitingly, today we are looking at a few houses!! We're looking in a few different towns, to see what the areas are like, and the houses are all a bit different too, so we get a good sense of what we do (and don't) want. This will be our first house owned together, and my first house owned full stop, so we obviously want it to be the right one. We don't want to rush into the first one we see, but we also would really like to be fully moved and settled in well before this next baby is meant to arrive... on that note, our shipment of our household items, which was meant to take around 4-6 weeks to arrive, is apparently scheduled to arrive in a week and a half?? Need to add another thing to do now - find storage facility to unload everything into while we find a house! It's a downright pain because part of the service we pay for is for them to unload, unpack, take away all of the rubbish, and set up all the furniture again. We won't get to take advantage of that which is a shame. Oh well! At least it's meant to arrive! 

My Wednesday Wishes today are that we accomplish all we need to get done this week and that we get a good sense today of where we want to focus our house search....! 

What are your wishes today? 

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