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A little overwhelmed and a lot on our plate.

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We are running out of time... 

This is our last weekend in this house / London / England / Europe..... :(  There's only a handful of sleeps left until we are at the airport hotel, with all of our luggage holding everything we need for the next 6-8 weeks. And up until now I've been so preoccupied with trying to get everything in order for this move that I haven't really had to think about it too much. But now between selling the car, getting rid of all of our electronics & appliances and everything in our pantry, and actually having to say goodbyes to people whom I don't know when I'll see them next....well not only are we trying to tackle 1837206 things in the short 24 hours of each day, but I'm also just all over the place emotionally. (I'm sure microbump has nothing to do with that. Hormones? Whaaaat?) 

When I left NYC six years ago, it was 'only temporary.' I was coming back in two years, come hell or high water. Obviously we all know how that changed, but at the time, it was definitely the plan. So whilst it was sad to say goodbye to my friends and family, I didn't have the feeling that it would be forever. The distance would make it a tough two years, but I knew I'd have trips back throughout that time and we all know how quickly two years blinks by.

But this is wholly different. This is entirely open-ended. I don't know when - or if - we will ever move back here. I honestly don't know if I want that to be the plan or not, either. I want to give our new phase of life a proper go of it in the States, which probably means considering it as a permanent move and planning it as such. But I also know I am going to miss so much about this place, and I am going to miss the people ever so much. If I think that we will never ever be back here, there's no way I can manage goodbyes. 

Being completely honest, I am completely drained this evening. This has been a truly hectic weekend of fielding emails and texts about furniture and appliances and baby stuff we're selling, arranging viewings and collections of agreed purchases, fitting in last play dates and dinner dates with friends, and pulling every last item out of the loft space and shed so there's no risk of the movers not packing everything. Beyond that, we've had a few pretty difficult goodbyes. And there are still more to go. 

I know this little corner of the interwebs has been quiet the last few days - and it will probably be on and off until we land in the US *next* Sunday - so please bear with me. I will hopefully remember to take a lot of photos throughout the process of the move / long flight with Bug (hopefully behaving) / first moments back home with family to share once I get my head wrapped around living on another continent again...!

But before I log off for the night, I MUST wish my husband a very happy anniversary (2 years today!!!) and the promise of a celebratory date night next Thursday once we're in NY...I will finally show you downtown and we'll get us some ribs, baby!! ;) What a fantastic two years - here's to many, many, many, MANY more! 

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Amanda Wilcher Photography