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Because Who Doesn't Love 10000 Wedding Photos??

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All photos courtesy of Amanda Wilcher Photography (except the last 2 blurry ones!) 

All photos courtesy of Amanda Wilcher Photography (except the last 2 blurry ones!) 

I would probably be wise to start trying to plan our impending move in more detail at the moment, but Throwback Thursday needs old photos. Nay, it demands them. One darest not deny TBT the sustenance it craves....ok this is getting weird. Suffice it to say, I've got a whole crapload of wedding photos here that you probably don't even want to see. But you're nice, so you'll look anyway.  

Dad walking me down the aisle 

I LOVED our wedding day. Ignore any stress leading up to it from table plans or last minute changes or whatever. It all went away as soon as I started walking up that aisle towards M. 

When we started planning, I felt a little like I didn't deserve to make a big deal (you know, because I'd been married before). But my husband is a gem and he told me that this was the only wedding that mattered, because this one was with the right person and was for life, so this one absolutely must be my dream wedding. And it was! (Yup, he's the best - I put a ring on that!) :)

My oh-so-handsome groom

So, we got married on 17th August 2012 in the Cathedral in M's hometown where he was christened and confirmed, in the gorgeous West coast of Ireland. It was idyllic for a small town girl from upstate fact I used to dream of finding a man with an accent, running away, and getting married in a castle! This was pretty darn close. ;) 

The inside of the beautiful Ennis Cathedral
It's official!! :) 

It's official!! :) 

Us and our parents 
Our wedding party! 

The reception was at a beautiful old manor house in the center of town. I loved our day - so many family members and friends there to share our joy with us, amazing food, fantastic music - it felt like the best party I'd ever been to. I danced all night long and had SO MUCH FUN! 


I was also well impressed by the Irish wedding phenomenon - when I finally crashed at 4am and headed off to bed there were plenty of people still going. (The wedding had started at 2pm the day before!) The wee hours of the morning aren't the best for photos but here's two anyway:

Blurry shot of my groom entertaining the late crowd :) 

Blurry shot of my groom entertaining the late crowd :) 

My feet up after a long night in dancing shoes! 

My feet up after a long night in dancing shoes! 

I could tell you every minute detail of the day. I won't, because it would bore the pants off you, but I could. Because I loved every detail of the day and I will remember them all for the rest of my life. Just know that I couldn't have asked for a better celebration - nor could I have asked for a more perfect partner for me. Our wedding day was truly special because it was the joining of the two of us into one family, before God and our friends and family, under the roof of a church that is very, very special to M (and me, by extension). Our love was blessed that day and our life certainly feels as though it has been as well! 

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