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Less Sleep? You Must Be Joking.

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I've been trying to mentally prepare for this time for quite a while. Pretty much ever since the first person warned me that Bug would eventually drop from 2 naps a day to's been stuck there in the back of my brain, niggling away and making me ever-so-slightly edgy. Because let's face it - for many moms, naptime is when things get done. It is my time to tidy up, do laundry, make phone calls, do paperwork, and of course, blog. 

It wasn't so bad when we dropped the 3rd nap, the little mini nap just before dinnertime that would get her through the evening to bedtime. That one was always so brief that I never really did much except cook dinner in the downtime. In the last few weeks though, we've done the big drop. Bug is now officially only taking one nap a day. It's great in terms of getting out and about more! We now only have to be home for one chunk of the day, instead of two. We have the freedom to go run around town in the morning and the afternoon, which is pretty freeing - and helps me keep her busy and work out her energy. But I am adjusting to having less 'me' time, errand time, tidying up time. It's a bit of a shock to the system. And while I did think maybe - just maybe - that less sleep during the day would equal more sleep at night...well that was a rookie mistake. Maybe other kids, but not my "I-need-so-little-sleep-it's-scary-funny" Bug! 

Granted, the last few nights of being awake every hour or two are definitely down to her incisors trying to cut through her gums - and I don't care what people say, these are SO much worse than the molars! The good news on that is once these 4 (FOUR) are through, she's done until the next set of molars. Please let that be a long way off..... 

Anyway, I'm now trying to cram my to-do list into one 2-hour block of the day (3 hours if I'm very lucky). And now of course is when I need more time and not less - because we could potentially be moving in one month.....!! My to do list is EPIC. And can I just say how absolutely ball-busting it is to itemise each and every thing that we own, and attach a value to it? Ugh. My brain hurts every time I work on that darn insurance form. How on earth do I quantify how many toys Bug has? And clothes? What about all of the clothes she's grown out of?? There is no way I am going to go through the millions of boxes and actually count them. 

Other random phases that we're tackling (I seriously hope they're phases): Bug now hates having her hair washed in the bath. Not sure why, never a problem before. But she currently screams until she's sat back up with rinsed hair and then she's fine. She also seems to have developed a slight carsickness problem. In the last few weeks we've discovered that if she eats or drinks anything other than water too soon before getting in the car, she gets sick :( This is not a fun one for either of us, but I do feel for the poor kiddo. Strange that it's all of a sudden - anyone see that before?? 

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So, lots of fun happening in the household this week. My Wednesday Wishes include these awful teeth please erupting soon for my poor little drool factory, a random burst of energy to complete our insurance inventory, and an easy and smooth green card interview at the embassy on Friday...wish us luck!! 

I'm joining Anne for Wednesday Wishes and Jenna and Megan for Humpday Happenings today - join along at the links below! :) 

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