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It's a Beautiful Day!

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Cue the intro for U2! 

Please excuse my pale self - as sunny as it's been, we've only been outdoors for 15 minute increments!;) 

Please excuse my pale self - as sunny as it's been, we've only been outdoors for 15 minute increments!;) 

So I was all set with my gratefulness for a weekend of gorgeous weather, especially since the air finally started moving and the breeze was rustling the leaves in the trees all morning yesterday - a welcome treat after a bit of mugginess during the week. Then all of a sudden, LASHING rain, thunder, and lightning blasted the afternoon and our road was flooded! 

Luckily, we had chosen to sit indoors at the pub for dinner - which seemed silly at the time since it was so warm inside and the outdoor beer garden sits right on the river. But when the rain started bucketing down though all of the outdoor customers came running indoors, we felt pretty happy with our decision. ;) 

We have had a special treat this weekend beyond the weather - two days of seeing friends! M and our friend Mark finally got to play the game of golf on Saturday that they've been talking about for ages, so Cheryl and I got the kids together for a play date and a catch up. I don't know who had more fun - me, or Bug! We had the immense pleasure of staying for dinner (Cheryl and Mark have always been this couple who have entertaining down pat and seem to always find time to whip up gourmet meals of a million homemade dishes, and amazingly -and jealousy inducingly- that has not changed even after having two kids!!); needless to say we indulged in a fantastic meal of homemade bread, shepherd's pie, and strawberry pie - YUM. 

Then yesterday we met the Wibbs at the corner pub with our other American friend Tini, whose mom is in town from upstate NY. Tini's mom is an honorary American in London. I spent my first New Year's Eve in London, standing on a bridge over the Thames, drinking champagne straight out of the bottle with Tini's mom lol. She's awesome. So we all met for the quintessential English 'Sunday roast' at the pub around the corner, on the river. It's known for that fantastic beer garden beside the river, great food, and abysmally slow service. But at least in good company it's easier to take. ;) We decided to walk to the pub since it's just 3 minutes down the road...when we realized the rain that had started shortly after our arrival wasn't stopping in the least we shared a slightly panicked glance at each other. But Mark and Cheryl to the rescue, dropping us down at ours before heading home themselves - thank goodness, because even the brief walk from our driveway to our door was flooded and we were soaked within 10 seconds! 

M and I both ate way too much, and are still feeling it today. Regardless, I am grateful for a weekend of delicious food, generous and thoughtful friends, and the beautiful weather we did have before the deluge. I'm also VERY grateful that Bug managed to make it through the whole 3 hour long meal (yes, that's how bad the service was...) with only minor outbursts of crankiness. There was much walking around the restaurant with her, pouring out all of the crayons and picking them up off the floor, and any other distraction we could think of, but she survived - and so did we! 

So what are you grateful for today? :) 

Ember Grey