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Friday Favorites - Vol. 1

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite blog posts of the last week with you. This is a wonderful idea shared by Meagan and I think it's great to give a virtual shout out to fantastic writers out there! 

Looking at my four favorites here, I think it's pretty clear I've been living in the nostalgia / emosh realms this week - our move, and Bug growing up so rapidly, these are both weighing on my mind. So it's no surprise the posts that resonated with me most in the last few days are touching and lovely thoughts on parenting, childhood, and moving home. 

Without further ado, here are some of my Friday Favorites: 

  • How I've Changed Since Becoming a Mama - by All of Life's Little Adventures. Tawnya writes beautifully about her personal growth since having her first child. "I am the truest form of myself I have ever been since having a baby, for the first time in my life I am confident in who I am, even with all the quirks." I completely relate with her on this. 
  • Childhood: Then vs Now - by Love the Here and Now. Anne takes a wonderfully nostalgic look back on the simpler times of growing up and compares it to how her girls have grown up. We're both wishing we could give our children the truly carefree childhood that we had, before there were so many concerns and worries as a parent. 
  • Away - by Casey Leigh. This is a moving and heartfelt goodbye to Casey Leigh's first family home. How apropos...! She writes with such emotion, I feel like she wrote some things straight from my heart. "This home will forever hold my heart. A huge, beautiful piece of who my husband is. It will hold in its walls our tears and our laughter."  
  • Dear Son, What You Need to Know About Girls - by Fit Pink Mom. Caroline writes a letter to her young son about the lack of confidence that girls have about body image, and reminds him that beauty is not on the outside, and that he should always be kind and compassionate and respectful. (And the song she links to is catchy!) 

Happy Friday - I hope you enjoy!! 

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