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Happy Monday! 

A little piccie from the weekend :) 

A little piccie from the weekend :) 

I can't believe it's Monday already - it feels like the weekend flew by! It was a good one though - full of playing outside with Bug, taking it easy, and making looooong lists....

Why were we busy making lists over the weekend? Well, do you remember how I was wishing last week that M and I would receive an update from the immigration process, so we'd have a better sense of timing for our move to the US? 

It turns out that old adage 'be careful what you wish for' is true: because later that day we got the letter with our interview date - it's set for the 25th! Yes - as in less than two weeks away... After waiting for ages and hearing nothing, all of a sudden this speeds things up like CRAZY. Basically this means that by the first week in August, we should have M's visa allowing him to enter the US. !!!! 

(And herein is where I proceed to freak out about all of the things we need to get done ASAP!)

This is great news, of course. We've been living a bit in limbo waiting for any sort of timing indication - until we knew when he'd be free to enter the States we had no ability to book movers & flights, notify landlord, look at places to live over there, etc. On the opposite end, this now means that we need to do all of that quickly. I have a to-do list a mile long. 

Meanwhile I am looking at the 9am appointment time for the embassy and realizing that there is not enough time to drop Bug off at the creche before heading into London and getting there in enough time to clear the security queue...which means that we're going to have to drag the poor kid with us. She has been once before, last year when we had to register her birth and have her declared a US citizen. She was of course much smaller and easier to keep occupied then, and she stayed on our laps mostly or in her push chair. She's running and climbing and doesn't sit still for more than a few minutes now, so that's going to be interesting. And that birth registration process was enough of an ordeal so I can only imagine the grilling we're going to get this time, proving that M and I are genuinely married. We have a laundry list of questions they've asked married couples in the past, and holy cow, do they get personal! Maybe having our child with us will make it more obvious that we have a real marriage - they can see us draw straws to not have to change a dirty nappy in the middle of the embassy lol! 

Regardless of the pressure that this now puts on us to get things organized and ready to go, today I am still grateful that at least we now know that things are ticking along on the immigration front, and grateful that we can start booking the big items for the move. I'm also grateful that we have such lovely landlords because they have been ultra supportive throughout this process and not demanding at all - and when we did tell them it's finally moving all they did was wish us well and congratulate M on the big job. :) It's so nice to be surrounded by nice people! 

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