The Adventures of Bug and Boo

My Child is a Cheese Snob

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

There's no doubting that the kid loves cheese. It was her third recognizable word (thankfully after Mama and Dada) and is still the one she says the most - usually in an insistent and demanding manner, culminating in shrieks if she doesn't receive said cheese.

What's funny is the pickiness she's exhibiting in her cheese eating behaviour....this kid knows exactly what she does and doesn't like. She LOVES mature English cheddar - in fact, the more aged, the better. She'll deign to eat mild cheddar but she lets you know it's not entirely up to snuff. She also likes Havarti, occasionally Monterey Jack, and she likes Parmesan when grated onto her pasta. 

I didn't realize the full extent of her cheese snobbery though until she was standing at the fridge one day, demanding cheese once again, and when I opened the door I had a bit of a panic. Because there was no cheese!! Now I wasn't ready to handle a full-on tantrum that had no potential end in sight so I went digging away and lo and behold, in the recesses of the deli drawer, I found individually sliced Dairy Lea. (For my American friends this is basically the equivalent of Kraft singles. Wholly processed, easy melt, plastic wrapped sliced cheese.) 

I excitedly showed it to Bug, waving it around, because what child doesn't love a Kraft single!? She did her little happy dance, ran to the drawer with her plastic dishes in it, grabbed a bowl, and brought it over to me shouting 'cheese, cheese' over and over! I quickly ripped it into smaller pieces, placed them in the bowl for her and sat with her at the table. She grabbed the first piece full of enthusiasm, bit into it......and made the most impressive stink face I've ever seen on a face that small!!! Her face turned so quickly into a scrunched up nose, squinty eyes and puckered mouth I thought the cheese must have been out of date (it wasn't). She slowly stuck her tongue out of her mouth and let the 'cheese' fall off onto the table and she shoved it away from her with such disgust, I could barely hold back the laughter. 

What's even funnier is that the next day when she asked for cheese, and I handed her a little bowl with a few small chunks of legitimate cheddar, she scrunched up her nose again, inspected it all carefully, looked at me with distrust, and then oh so carefully put a piece on the tip of her tongue. Haha!! Of course once she realized it was The Good Stuff she inhaled it in two minutes flat with clear glee. I was redeemed! 

This better be the GOOD cheese!

This better be the GOOD cheese!

Does anyone else have a cheese snob on their hands? :)