The Adventures of Bug and Boo


Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

I am jumping on the Currently post bandwagon (thanks Emily!), because who doesn't love a bit of randomness? :) Here goes...

Currently, I am...

Reading: this month's Glamour magazine. A thoughtful gift subscription from M, as he realised I have no time to finish books anymore. Or rather, I have no capacity for retaining what I read in them, given the little sleep our child is allowing me to enjoy these days. 

Loving: getting out and exploring our area more. We were great at this when we first moved out of London proper, but we're realising as we spend time with some friends who have lived here longer than us, that there are many, many more wonderful places than we thought. We found a lake yesterday, in a park that we'd been by and wrongly thought was this small rectangle along the road...turns out the park is huge!! A new space for Bug & I to explore during the week ahead!

Listening to: Ed Sheeran. This version of his new song "Thinking Out Loud" played live on Later....with Jools Holland, (Jools himself on the piano), is such a lovely, happy song. And it makes me feel like it's summer, for some reason! Also listening to this performance of his - a totally different vibe, and amazing use of a loop pedal. 

Making: a scrapbook of Bug's birth and first year. It's slow going because I've never made a scrapbook before...and I lack the creative inspiration of how it should look when it's done. I think maybe scrapbooking is meant for people who can picture exactly what they want, and then do it. I might be more someone who wants to see a manual, and follow along, maybe personalising the colours and fabrics along the way. Is that lack of creativity?? Or overabundance of the need for structure? I will finish this though!

Wanting: more time. For everything! More time before Bug grows up even more; more time just enjoying life with my husband; more time together with friends before they leave and things change even more around here...I just want more time

Cooking: tonight is grilled chicken that I marinated in a Korma curry paste and Greek yoghurt, with a big salad. It's hot out today! 


Remembering: some great moments from our girls' night yesterday, hitting up the London Street Feast in Dalston (uh-MAY-zing!! I wished it was open this morning to do round 2!) It was such an awesome night with friends - beautiful weather, eating our weight in street food and spending time just talking and catching up with each other. The perfect last night for the 4 of us to be together in London. (Sniff..)

Planning: things to do when KC comes to visit!! Double decker bus tour, the London Eye, a visit to my favorite Shoreditch pizzeria....what else? 

Laughing: at Bug's fascination with her belly button! She's always trying to find it through her shirt these days (I still have her in bodysuits under her tops & trousers) and her expression when she's poking her tummy to try and find it is absolutely priceless! 

Frustrated by: my Sky+ box (DVR)!! It keeps failing to record shows - like my 'Nashville', sob! - and the only explanation for it is 'FAILED' - ??? I cannot figure out what's wrong with it!! 

Excited for: our friends' wedding this December in Brooklyn!! It will be the first 'reunion' of the group of American friends here, after the first two couples moved to Asia (was it nearly 2 years ago??). I cannot WAIT to celebrate Pat & Fai's wedding, see the crew again, and possibly meet baby Felix for the first time!! Plus I'll get to show M around 'my' version of NYC :) 

Encouraged by: my husband. He's the greatest champion of mine, and my cheerleader when I need a boost in morale / spirit / energy / love. :) I'm blessed. 


I hope you all had wonderful weekends!